Just started...

  • Hello everyone =) I just started this today and am hoping for it to be a great support source to help me as I am working on this lifestyle change. Trying to understand the activities and how it calculates calories burned by what I enter...don't know the configurations just yet. I walk a mile (plus) a day on my lunch break at work...just in walking around the building..takes me approx 24 mins to make it a mile...just dont understand the rest of what it shows there on the entry..seems like a lot of calories burned however..LOL ! thats a bonus...if I'm entering thing correctly....

    Anyways..I'm looking forward to meeting folks and good luck to each and every one of you out there on your individual journeys and goals..!!

  • I am new too, it is nice to meet a fellow beginner!

    I think if you specify your walking pace on there, it should make it pretty accurate in the way of calories burned because it takes your weight into account. I just work out at home, I have 2 one year old girls that like to laugh at me the whole time.

    Good luck on here and I hope it works for you!
  • Hello and thanks for responding Twinnermommy. And welcome to you as well. Thank you also for the tip on the exercising tab. I'm sure I will learn more as I continue plugging away in here.

    I'm about to turn 50 yrs old this weekend..and am finding the older I get the harder to lose..but I am persevering. Slow and steady wins the race they say..lol. I'm sure your kids love watchin mom work out..its good for them to see and learn and do with you even..

    Stay the course and much good luck to you !!
  • Hi Sandy and twinnermummy welcome to fitday and if you have read any of my posts you will know how enthusiastic i am about the forum. Its helped me massively. You will get all the support you want here to help you accomplish your goal. Im always on every day so if i can offer any advice i will be sure to reply to your posts. Good luck and congratlations on making the first big step to a healthier lifestyle.
  • hello Tracey...thanks for the reply on my thread here..its good to be making positive changes , and this one is deffinately a positive for me..it can only help to build self confidence and self esteem. I haven't been all over the forums yet to see posts from you ...but I have this week off from work..a little BDay gift to myself...a short Vacation..not going anywhere ..just going to stay here and try to relax some.. Thanks again for replying..look forward to reading forums !