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ThatFurf 01-05-2014 01:50 PM

My current measurements...gulp.
These are my current measurements, I'm on my third day of juices and healthy eating. I also went the gym today and followed my routine, for dinner I had 2 small poached eggs on dry brown toast. For breakfast I had a smoothie consisting of celery, half a granny smith apple, kiwi fruit, blueberries, spinach and ice.

Left upper arm - 11 inches
Right upper arm - 11 inches
Bust - 35 and a half inches
Waist - 29 inches
Hips - 38 inches
Butt! - 40 inches
Left thigh - 23 and a half inches
Right thigh - 24 and a half inches
Left calve - 14 and a quarter inches
Right calve - 14 and a half inches

As you can see, I'm very bottom heavy - I've always had a big bum, even when I was a size 6, so as you can imagine when my weight has gone up so has my bum!

Let's hope I start shedding some inches...

lildebbieg 01-05-2014 02:01 PM

Hi there! Don't be too discouraged by your measurements...they really don't look that bad! But I understand not being happy with your genetics. We all have problem areas. I have slim and toned arms and legs and I carry any excess weight in my torso. Even though we all have problem areas, there's still do lots to change them! Losing overall body fat will always help. Another tick, to balance out a larger lower half is by adding in upper body exercises. By increasing muscle and definition in the upper half of your body, it creates a more symmetrical look in your lower half.

All the best to you! Keep checking in here on fitday. I personally have found it can be great for motivation, getting ideas and just having others to connect with that are trying to change their health and shedding some weight.

cjohnson728 01-05-2014 11:15 PM

I agree with Debbie. Your measurements aren't bad, but if you don't feel good in them, time to change it. I share your frustration as being a bottom-heavy pear myself. I saw an article years ago that indicated that some hip and thigh fat was actually a healthy thing to have, so I sent it to every female in my family with the exclamation, "We are going to live forever!"

Hang in there...great minds think alike. I had a smoothie today as well: frozen raspberries, spinach, banana, bit of almond milk. Not sure if my blender could handle celery or an apple :p. We should get (or revive) a smoothie thread, hmm...

crazy4fishing 02-15-2014 05:10 AM

watch out for the juices
Just as an afterthought, I went and took a peak at the supposedly "healthy" juices, incredibly they pack on a ton of calories. You may want to rethink the juices and opt for water with the calorie reduced flavored water pouches. I was shocked to see the calories I was taking in everyday drinking orange/apple juice. They aren't as healthy as you would think...calorie wise that is. Huggz and good luck!

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