5-15 Pounders Weekly Check-in for 5/11/2010

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Hi everyone-- I weighed in at 132.4, exactly what I started the week with, but it was a week of travel and restaurants and just a lot of overindulgence. Fun, but.....anyway, I didn't crash and burn, so maybe this week I can drop another #. It feels great to just be able to maintain the weight during a difficult period. That is a first for me! Congratulations on all your success, and if you are stuck, well just take it nice and slow and be patient with your beautiful selves, is my grandmotherly advice! Have a fun week everyone! Sharon
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Good Morning/Afternoon ladies,

I lost another pound and went down a pants size or two, which I am proud of. It probably would have been 2lbs but I ate mashed potatoes and a chocolate cake for Mother's Day. I have to admit, I enjoyed it. Why do the tasty food have to be sooo bad for you. Well anyway, I am proud of you have lost pounds or inches. Way to go!!!!!
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MollySue, sorry about the 1#, but it sounds like u had a nice time with your father, which makes it worth it in my book. Good luck this week making up for it. Hey, u never know, either, it could be water weight.

Agarner, 2# great job!! Good luck w/ the bday party.

As for me, I haven't weighed in, yet. I believe I am the same, though. My measurements are the same. I forgot to weigh until after I had my coffee and bkfast, which always adds on more. I will weigh in tomorrow, I promise.

I bought some soy protein powder in the hopes of adding it to my morning coffee. I didn' know that it doesn't dissolve in hot, soooo. I have been trying to add it in other ways. So far I don't like it in yogurt or yogurt smoothies. I have an issue with the grainy texture. It was most palatable in just cold water, strangely enough. Trying to see if increasing my protein will help me.

Missmatch: Wow 3#s. Great job. I cannot wait until I reach the 130s.

Lucky29Charm- I agree. Chocolate and cheese is at the top of my indulgence list and it really sucks that they REALLY pack on everything, fat, calories blah blah blah. It really should be exempt.
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Well, I weighed in this a.m., which will be one week since my last weigh in and I haven't lost anymore. Ugh. 146 and still standing. Maybe next week I will lose two! I can dream.
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Hi all,
I have gained 1.6 since last week. I now weigh 126 lbs, and have 4lbs to lose. I know exactly what I need to cut back on: sugar and refined carbs. I wish I wasn't so tempted. Today there were hot cinnamon buns and doughnuts in the lunch room. I had one of each. I accounted for everything though and I will be at 1300 cals for the day. I am getting in a good workout too.

So my goal for everyday of the next 7 days is to try to keep repeating in my head that I want to eat healthy foods that provide nutrition and make me feel happy and energetic.

Also, I got my period on Tuesday when I shouldn't get it till next Tuesday--I'm not sure why this happened. I think I would have gained weight anyways because I was binging away but maybe I was binging because of crazy hormones?? I don't know. I don't want to let myself make excuses.

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