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Default One week in.

Alright ladies one week in and I’m feeling good about this. I’m making conscious (if not always the best) food choices- no more mindless eating for this girl! I’m not really sure how many calories I should be getting but I know I have cut back. I also know that; even though I’m not exercising as much as you all are, I am working my way up to it. I’ve added a lot more movement to my days and for the first time ever have some strength training going on. It’s been beastly here in Wisconsin- May is not supposed to be 90+ and HUMID…the next “coolish” day I’m out for a good long walk. I’m not logging in any weight yet because even though it has been a week since I joined- I joined not actually knowing my weight (I guessed around 270). I was weighed last Thursday at my “why-oh-why-do-I-have-to-be-a-woman-appointment” (LOL) so I will weigh myself in on Thursday with my handy dandy new scale! Who knew I’d ever be happy to have a scale-CRAZY!

Do any of you have any books or websites that you found particularly helpful when you were first starting out? I love to look for books at second hand stores.

Thanks again Ladies for being such inspirations and so welcoming. I think I could do this alone (maybe) but I’m so glad I don’t have to!
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Default catching up

Almeeker – you know, I keep meaning to actually follow through with the “button test.” My 22’s fit me, though they are SOOOO super duper baggy even right out of the dryer, 20’s are loose, 18’s fit well and my 16’s are tight. LOLOL. I bout some size 18 shirts last week, thinking they were too small and I would grow into them – welp, they lasted a whole week and are now too baggy. I made the mistake this morning of putting on my old favorite shirt, and it looked like I was wearing a tarp, and it was a 22! So, unfortunately – clothing shopping is few and far between because I LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes and it gets expensive. They are just so pretty and… oh, I just love them. I NEED to find a skirt like yours so make me look like a skinny Minnie. How many kids do you have? I just got the 2, the 7 year old girl and the 1 year old boy – they don’t understand why I am so busy these days. I am trying to find a balance between snuggling on the couch and exercising. I’m loving the fact that the KIDS get tired before I do! I feel so studly.

Jaynie - I feel ya on the coordination. I am a total klutz. There are some exercises I am supposed to do that I won’t even TRY! I still can’t do an elliptical. Are your babies all kitties or are there doggies in there too? I love your sense of humor and your ability to laugh when others may lash out in anger.

Speedyfair – WAY TO GO GIRL! I think that inspiring my friends is the biggest thrill I get from becoming more healthy. More and more are asking me what I am doing and how they can get started.

Patti – I’m recording AI and watching Biggest Loser! Sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch. Great job on making mindful food choices, even if you have to give a little here and there to get through the tough times. Bravo, you are a leader and inspiration.

Eeb – I didn’t read any books, but I am addicted to web research. I read articles on sports medicine, personal training, calories, beauty, hydration, metabolism… I just google anything I am curious about… which is how I found Fitday! Way to go, we all started right where you are at this very moment… just making small changes and being more thoughtful. Just expect that when you start to see results that you are going to want to ramp things up – it’s a great feeling and we are all here for you! You become addicted to all sorts of freakish things, like exercise, drinking water, veggies… and other equally bazaar habits. Just relax and tell your friends that YES! You have joined a cult and YES! They have brainwashed you! LOL.

Goodnight all, I am still recovering from my DOMS.. though I still got my cardio, weightlifting and core exercises in, they weren't as intense due to the pain but I should be recovered tomorrow. Yesterday morning, my body was still stuck at 268, this morning I was down to 265. I am trying to get that last 2 pounds of gain off before Thursday (the only day I really count). I'll be thrilled with 0 lost if I have a 0 gain too... oh, today's calories were 1,303 with 150 ounces water.
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Well again I am getting frustrated since I went and weighted in and I have gained 1.5 pounds this week!

I do not understand why one week I lose 6 pounds and the next I gain 1.5. I have changed nothing and I am still working out 5 days a week sometime twice a day

I do not want to give up because I keep telling myself this has to be good for me (exercise) but I really need to see it on the scales.

I have been working out for 3 months 5-6 days a week and watching what I am eatting for the first time in my whole life and I have ONLY LOST 1 POUND

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Alright christineval, I'll see if I can't give you a boost (or a drop as it were) in the right direction. Take a good look at your calorie pie chart. What does it look like? For me to drop it's all about the pie! I can work out for hours and keep my cals low enough to pass out, but I won't lose very much weight if my carbs get up over 50% of my calorie make-up. Okay 'nother question, what are you doing to re-charge after all that working out? I usually follow my workout with a protein shake (or bar), and a high protein breakfast, minimum 40 grams of protein (more if I'm not over my calorie budget), and believe it or not some fat. I try and keep my fat around 40-50 grams/day, and I want at least 1/3 of it right after my workout, more if I can manage it. Protein will give your body the signal to rebuild those muscles you just tore up and to make them even bigger, and more lean muscle makes your body more efficient at burning fat. Carbs on the other hand tell the body to ignore the muscles and to make and store fat. Fat gives your body one of the nutrients it needs to break down and use the vitamins in that protein shake. The other thing you need to make sure happens every day is your water intake. I want to say that it's 64oz baseline, plus another 8oz for every 10 pounds you're overweight? So for me that's like 96+ ounces/day. I carry around a 24 ounce bottle and I try and fill it 3-4 times/day. I'm more successful some days than others.

Skinnyerinn, great job on getting down by 3 pounds. That whole 5 pound business is almost a thing of the past, you go girl! Yes, I highly recommend doing the "button test", I found cleaning out my closet to be extremely liberating. It was my way of saying "good-bye" to my fat self and "hello" to my skinnier self, and without all those old fat clothes there is no turning back now! They say you should keep one pair of pants, just to remind you of where you've been. I didn't keep any of the 24's, I gave them to a friend of mine. But I have some 20's and a couple of really big shirts. And let's face it, I can hold up a pair of 24's at the store any day of the week. The DH and I have 3 kids together and I watch a few more, so there is anywhere from 2-8 here at any given time. I'm having "balance" issues as well. My kids are going through something of an adjustment in my schedule. I usually workout in the morning and when I don't get that started on time (which happens a lot) then they have to do more to get themselves ready for school. Hopefully this will change us all for the better, I'll be thinner and they'll be more independent...

eeb_79, I didn't read any books either, like skinnyerinn I'm mostly a web browser. I've heard good things about "Thin for Life" and "What not to Eat". I'm cracking up over your "happy scale feelings", very funny that. As far as helpful websites, this one has been great. Not so much for diet info, but for support it's the best. A good friend of mine calls that "why-oh-why do I have to be a woman appointment" her annual "oil change". Too funny.

patti, sorry to hear that you're stressed out. Stay strong, you can survive this and stay on track, I have confidence in you. And if you drop an egg, forgive yourself.

speedy, great job on having dinner out. That is still one of my worst issues. And with Grans funeral on Friday, there will be probably 3-4 out-to-eat meals in a row. I think I have 1-2 of them figured out, but the rest are yet a mystery. The funeral is like 3 hours from here, and DH suggested we stay with his sister. And I was like OMG NO!!!! She's a vegetarian and skinny as a stick, she doesn't cook at all and there is never any food at her house. But her husband is a chef, so when we've visited her in the past, we go out to eat at whatever restaurant he's running, for pretty much every meal. I'm just not at a place in this journey where I can be at a 4 star for every meal and behave myself. No no no no no.

Jaybrodz, I don't think pets ever get tired of listening, especially if you scratch ears while your talking... Sorry to hear about your swan dive through the front door. Last weekend when we were camping one of the other ladies tripped on a tree root and got a bruise on the back of her calf that looks just like an eggplant, same shape and color. We were laughing at her last night saying we'd never heard of anybody that fell forward, yet bruised the back of her leg.
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Default Hello

Hi! Im new to Fitday, so I figured why not drop in and make some friends. My name is Pepper, Im 5'4" (162.5cm) and I am currently at 257lbs (116.57kg). I am 24 years old and live on the east coast. Like most people who are overweight, Ive suffered with depression most of my teen years until now. I got married back in Feb of 08 to a wonderful man who loves me regardless. But now Ive been told that I have type II Diabetes by my doctor. Irregular periods and just plain disgust with myself. So Ive decided to make a life change and try to improve myself. My goal weight is 110lbs (49.90kg), Ive been working alone for the passed week and dropeed 6lbs, so to me that's a great start. Feel free to add me to contacts or anything.
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Pepper - Welcome! It sounds like you have some great motivating factors to get you started, and congrats on your first 6 pounds!

Speedy - Awesome job keeping it in check even though you were eating out. I actually have to avoid going out to eat because I know it's hard to stop myself!

Almeeker - I hope the funeral goes ok. I know it will be difficult (my crazy family makes me want to eat too!), but I know you can get through it. Maybe if you stay at your sister-in-law's, you can offer to make a vegetarian meal for a lunch or dinner? Then you have some control over the ingredients and you're doing her a favor too?

SkinnyErinn - It must feel good to watch the sizes drop, drop, drop! I have so many beautiful clothes that are 2-4 sizes too small right now, and I can't wait to go shopping in my basement storage closet!

Christine - I'm totally feeling you about the weightloss - I hate even minor fluctuations upward on the scale because they always make me want to throw in the hat. But I think you said it best - you know the exercise is good for you and you need to focus on being healthy - not a number on the scale. I know it's hard, but the work will pay off if you are keeping your calories in check and exercising.

I'm having a total case of the blah's the last few days. I got down to 226.4 again after that weird fluctuation from Aunt Flo, but then the last two days I've been 226.8 and now today 227. Not happy! I've not done anything very different - still keeping calories between 1300-1500, and Fitday says I can have up to 1,900 (but I've always thought their estimates were high). If I eat any fewer than that, I am so tired and can't function. My "month anniversary" of being on fitday is on Saturday and I was really hoping I could say I lost 10 pounds this month (which would mean losing 1.2 pounds by then!)

I know I need to incorporate exercise, but I just don't know how at this point. My son wakes up at 5:30 a.m., so I get up at 5 a.m. to get in the shower and get ready before he wakes up. Then it's two hours of eating, dressing, getting DH out the door, getting some prep for dinner that night ready, and finishing up myself before I head out the door to drop him off at daycare and go to work. I pick my son up at 5:30 after work, then it's fixing dinner, feeding him, getting in about an hour of playtime (which I try to make active play if it's nice outside), then books, bath, and bed for him by 8:30. Then it's dishes, laundry, light housework and maybe 30-60 minutes of TV with some tea before I pass out at 10 p.m. DH doesn't do anything for my son except play with him while I fix dinner, and he barely does anything around the house - only yard or outside stuff which consumes all his time at home (he works 10-11 hour days during this season, so he has less time at home than even I do). I'm not one of those people that can exercise at night and still fall asleep, and if I get up any earlier in the morning I'd be getting less than 7 hours of sleep, which sometimes happens anyway. I don't have a regular lunch break at work that I can count on for exercise, and my office is in a scary part of town for walking. I know it sounds like I'm having a pity party here and making excuses, but I just don't know how to do it! I know you moms out there have got to have some advice for exercising without sacrificing the precious little time I have with my boy each day!
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eeb - I can't believe I was SOOOO super dumb! I forgot to list my favorite book of all time that I started to read when I first began eating better - Eat This, Not That! They have TONS of editions, like one for restaurants, shopping, kids, making babies... it travelled with me wherever I went.
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Welocme Pepper. I live in Washington State, but am originally from S. Jersey. I know far and few between. I have only been with these ladies for less than a week but I am finding them all wonderful to chat with. I am sure that you will enjoy their lovely company too and great work on your first week!

Erinm, I have one dog and three cats. Originally, I was always a dog lover, but my ex had a cat and I liked him and I kind of inherited these cats as the kids left home, but I don't think of my cats as cats. They understand commands like dogs do. In otherwords, they do not act like normal independent felines--most of the time. Zoey, the dog, goes everywhere with me, except on the freeway as I have visions of the door opening and her rolling down the freeway. She sits like she is human with her right arm on the door arm rest and the gate guard to the AF base where I go, commented on how human she looked. She used to love to go through drive through windows, where she would almost always get a treat. Of course, since I have been doing this, she hasn't gotten any KFC popcorn chicken. I had another little love that passed away about three years ago from a stroke at only six. I called them sisters; although, they were totally different mixed breeds that I got from the animal shelter. Before then, I always had full breeds. My previous buddy was Bud, who was a Bernese Mtn Dog and before that it was a miniature poodle and that is it for my adult life and I grew up around pets. Are you sorry you asked, Erinn? You know I have the gift of gab, lol.

Christineval, I weighed the same today as I did yesterday, but this one was my fault, I cheated late last night and even though I ate healthy, I was over my usual calories, but not over my total that my body is supposed to maintain for my current weight. But you know what? I am not letting it bother me. The first couple of days I dropped 3.4 lbs and hope to get back to that point by tomorrow which like Erinn, is my weigh-in day. Right now, I am at 2.8 for the week, but that is a consequence of weighing daily--weight does fluctuate. Average people, I don't think, weigh the same thing everyday either. What I am going to do when this week is done is compare my weights with my journals and see what I can tweak. Right now, I already know that my biggest weight loss was after a day where I moved around much more during the day. Being that I have no family to wrestle with, cook and clean up afterward, my normal activity is at the very minimal. It is a blessing in one sense in that I don't have to keep any foods here except what is acceptable for me, but it almost "mutes" my activity.

It will pick up for you and in addition to what has already been suggested, I would suggest that you really analyze the foods that you have been eating. I am the exact opposite of Almeeker. If I look at fat, it stays. I eat 30 protein percent protein and 20 percent good fat and 50 percent carbohydrates as I have a mixed body type. For right now, until I get bored with it, I am cooking all my food and low fat/cal desserts. The desserts, I will freeze in individual servings and only have maybe on Thursday or Sunday or maybe on both days within my calorie allowance. I don't know--this is knew and I am trying to keep it interesting. I know that I have completely left your question but I also am thinking of maybe going to the movie once a month with home made popcorn and a soda in my tote as a reward for doing good. This will serve another purpose as it will get me out and about and I have never gone all by myself before. Should be interesting. Also, I will be returning to college, which I had to put on hold for a year awaiting VA authorized construction to start on my house and be completed while I was out of school because I had to be at home and make sure none of the pets got out. It has started and should be completed by the fall term. When I was going a year ago, I am sure I got a lot more exercise walking from class to class--anyone for math (major)?

Well I better "get to getting" as Niecy says on the show Clean House and do my daily office work. That show makes me feel so much better about how my home looks since the onset of my disability and before you think it looks terrible, I just might not get around to dusting and vacuuming as often as I should other than that I am an orderly person.

Hope you are having a good day all.


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Originally Posted by egmdobbs View Post
Almeeker - I hope the funeral goes ok. I know it will be difficult (my crazy family makes me want to eat too!), but I know you can get through it. Maybe if you stay at your sister-in-law's, you can offer to make a vegetarian meal for a lunch or dinner? Then you have some control over the ingredients and you're doing her a favor too?
Thanks honey, my crazy family doesn't make me want to eat so much as they are all FEEDERS!!! And really good cooks. We're not staying with the SIL, I just can't add that stress to an already emotionally stressful situation. Believe me I have to be in the right frame of mind for that, and this is not the right frame by a long shot. Although your suggestion has merit for another occasion.

On exercising. I'm like you, I get up early and run all day long and for years it didn't seem like I had time for it. But you have to find time for you, we all do. What's good for the goose is good for the goslings. Why don't you start with 10 minutes, you can even make a game out of it and have little man join you. You can swing a whole 10 mins. Our 3 year old does killer Wii Fit Plus yoga, it's hilarious. Or put on your headphones and boogy while you do your light house work and go non-stop for a full 20-30 mins. I sometimes wear wrist weights when I fold laundry, it's a great arm burner, you should see the definition I'm getting... It doesn't have to be grueling or sweaty to burn calories, just moving.
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Afternoon ladies...
Still not stress eating and back on plan..scale was not affected by being off plan, but still not going down either..still stressing though. Need to walk instead of eat.

Welcome eeb....youve joined a very supportive group here!! Books or websites.... one book I really liked and was easy to follow was *Dr on a diet* I still follow his guidelines. As for websites I am following the South Beach way of eating so I belong to a few of thier sites.
Erinn what is the button test...? I missed something.
Christinevel I know we arnt experts by any means but we do count calories and follow different plans..would you share your daily menu with us? like an exact menu of what you ate one day? Also I would get out the tape measure and start to take measurements to see if those inches are coming off.
almeeker the only egg I dropped this weekend was lack of exercise...thats not bad. Thinking of you
I never thought of putting my weights on to do housework...I have them out in the open to grab when I sit down to watch tv..but now this opens more opportunities for me. Working on those flabby arms~~~ thanks for the great idea...
Pepper welcome and congrats on the 6 pounds down!!! Thats a great start!!
Egm 10 pounds in a month is great BUT so is 8.5 if you dont make that proud of what you have done this month!!! way to goo...
Jaynie I love the movie idea...and thumbs up for bringin your own snacks..untill theaters start to bring in healthy choices I would do that popcorn is crazy for sodium and fat!!
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