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jimnesie 05-17-2013 01:20 AM

Why I have to diet
I know, the answer is obvious; blood pressure, heart problems, etc.

I am 74 years old. I have spent my entire life bouncing up and down with my weight. But the bottom line is that I have always been over weight and a lot of years just plain obese. But recently (about 3 years ago) I started to have tremendous back problems. So I went to my doctor and a neurosurgeon. After an MRI is was determined I have three bulging disks (one is severe). I do not want surgery, wheel chairs, or walkers. So my doctor recommended that I lose weight and keep it off and go on a regimen of walking.

I went to Weight Watchers and was able to lose 65 pounds which I have now kept of for about 2 years. I also walk 3 to 5 miles 4 days a week (I walk at about 3 miles per hour) and on the days I don't walk the full distance I try to get 30 minutes of walking done at least.

I am not bragging because I really need to lose a little more weight. But what I am saying to you guys is that "if this fat old guy can do it to improve his life, anyone can.

keiraubrey 06-04-2013 09:22 AM

well done on losing the weight and keeping it off.

ahappieru 06-04-2013 02:47 PM

Well said! Wow 3 1/2 miles per hour that is so awesome. It is never to late to start. I started working out a little over a year ago and am in better shape now than I have been in 30 years. Wish I had wised up sooner...............

Ryan.W 09-22-2014 04:51 PM

You are doing a good job for whole your life just keep on going....

MichaelWhitehorn 02-06-2017 08:07 AM

Well, a good motivation to all those looking for excuses. People tend to use medication like xenical and all, but If you maintain a proper diet and exercise will do the trick.

englishjonathan 09-19-2017 04:36 PM

Thank you for the motivation and good luck!

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