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savealotman1 03-29-2012 07:54 PM

Has anyone ever used the bodybug to track calories burned? How well does it work. They have a great deal right now and I have read it is 90% accurate in tracking calories burned. What is your opinion.

savealotman1 04-20-2012 02:34 PM

Week 1 bodybug
So I just finished my 1st official week using the bodybug and tracking all my calories in as well as my calories out. Here is what I found 1st this truly does work for me. I have been stuck at 203 for 2 months and was getting frustrated by my lack of progress. I have been completely honest with my food journal and all the food I have eaten. My problem was estimating how many calories I was actually burning on any given day. So this week I logged everything every piece of food every drink everything I measured, weighed, and logged everything. 1st thing I found was that I was probably under estimating what I was actually eating. 2nd I am burning more calories even whle at rest than I thought. This week I took a staycation and spent a lot of time with my boys and my fam . But I also pushed harder than a normal week including testing my max lift and doing lots of cardio plus getting my boys out everyday and being active with them. My calories burned to my calories consumed always showed a deficit and I estimated by using these numbers that I would be down at least a pound. I was wrong I lost 2 pounds and I am now 201. I had to purchase some new clothing because my summer clothes no longer fit even with a belt. A year ago i was a size 40 waist I am now a size 34. I My recomittment to this process becasue of this new program has reinvigorated my excitment to get healthy. In the end we all have to be accountable to ourselves and if we want to be as healthy and happy as we can be for ourselves and our families we all have to find our own way during this process. This a lifestyle change it is not just about losing weight it is about balance in our lives. Wishing you all happiness and great health in your future.:D

savealotman1 05-04-2012 12:40 PM

Week 3 BodyBug update
Ok so here it is I have been using the bodybug for three weeks tracking everything religiously.Since week 1 I have lost 6.7lbs total. This thing really works. If anything it keeps you honest and active . You can see at anytime during the day the amount of calores you have burned and the amount you need to burn as well as your deficit based on your food log. If anything it underestimates the calories I have burned and gives me a better cushion than expected. According to my weekly deficit I should be losing about 1.5lbs a week. This week I have lost 2.6lbs. As I get leaner I believe I am burning my calories more effeciently and the formula the bug uses may not take that into account as time goes on. So if anything I would say this does work and it is worth investing your time and energy in. Good luck everyone on your journey.

fgosch2 11-19-2012 11:47 PM

I gotta say that each body it's different and to use a calculator its to try to fit in a standard prolly very accurate prolly not that accurate.

fgosch2 11-19-2012 11:50 PM

Imagine the next
You are personA:p:
You have a family that tends to be fat, and sedentary.
Then your calorie burn per minute of X exercise would be so high.
Then we have you could be person B:rolleyes::
Your family its normal.Not fat or thin.
Your calorie per minute its near standard so you are gonna fit right with the calorie counts.
I could go on and on and on with different types of ppl but i think the point had been gotten.

The calorie count its a Guide so you know the motivation and consistency its the key to achieve your goals wherever they are to get lean, to lose weight or to gain mass.

savealotman1 12-24-2012 09:22 PM

Bodybug update
So I used the bodybug for six months and it was definitely worth it. I was able to drop another 15lbs. I am now holding strong At 190lbs this is the lowest I have ever been in the past 20 years. I just had a screening for an premium reduction on my health insurance. I have been participating oin this program for the last three years. My good cholest has increased my bad cholest has decreased my glucose has evened out my weight is down. There are two parts to the incentive to meet the requirements you need a certain amount of points for the past two years I have been able to meet all my points with just the screening and the survey.

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