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MonkeyDave19 10-10-2011 03:54 PM

Bodyweight Exercises to build muscle?

I currently weight around 14 and half stone and want to lose some weight. As I will be exercising more I was wondering if any has thought on bodyweight exercising in terms of building muscle.

I can't afford to join a gym so will be mostly walking, using my kettlebell (10 lbs) and if I can find my weights in my garage using them (not sure of their weight)

I have plenty of kettlebell exercises to through into circuits which I will mix up with different set lengths and rest periods.

While aiming to lose weight I would like to build muscle in my arms, chest and back. My legs are pretty stacked already from carrying excess weight from my old gym days. Will press up build muscle in my chest and arms and if so how much difference can I expect to see. At can perform around 10-12 press ups at present to failure which I know will improve with work.

Does anyone know of any good bodyweight exercises and as I said before any thoughts on how much they can increase muscle mass.

Thanks :)

handcycle2005 10-10-2011 04:07 PM

I'm a memeber at Bodyweight Culture. It's free and they don't spam or sell your email. You do need to be a memeber to access the good stuff and it's worth it.

Don't be put off by the hard-ass attitude of some of the memebers, just be aware it's a part of the board culture.

MonkeyDave19 10-10-2011 04:17 PM

Thanks mate just fished out the weights from the garage but glancing at the website looks good. Will have a look around. Thanks again

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