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VitoVino 10-01-2011 10:35 PM

Runner's Nipple!
I just don't get this, even during a relatively short workout (30 mins of running or biking) but I am plagued by this. It's damn painful, and it lasts for hours sometimes after a workout!

Do any of you guys get sensitive nips while working out, and what do you do for this?

Bandaids fall off because I sweat too much. I've tried small pieces of duct tape, which works, only when I rip them off it hurts like heck.

I am adverse to wearing special shirts. I want to wear the shirts that I want to wear.

Looking for solutions! Thanks.

handcycle2005 10-01-2011 10:59 PM

You gotta wear the special shirts. Cotton gets very abrasive when wet which is one of the reasons technical fabrics were developed.

Or you can try Nip Guards.

ETA: Body Glide

VitoVino 10-02-2011 02:55 PM

Thanks HC! I originally did a search but you've got 2 suggestions that didn't come up. "Nip guards" are a bit pricey but I'm going to look for Body Glide at my local sporting goods store. I heard about vaseline but I don't want anything greasy either. Looks like BG is worth a shot. Thanks!

taubele 10-03-2011 05:49 PM

I was about to suggest vasoline; I know plenty of soldiers who've used it for the same problem during PT - but it does get greasy. Hopefully the Body Glide'll do ya!

VitoVino 10-04-2011 12:55 AM

Hopefully this home remedy really works
Thanks Terri.

I actually had a good workout today, and I used a home remedy. The BG is pretty expensive, and when I found out the main ingredient is Zinc Oxide, and also uses aloe, etc. I decide to mix my own, especially since I already had both ingredients.

I used 50% Zinc Oxide, 50% aloe hand lotion which contains Vitamin E. Put it on before my bike ride today, and wearing the same shirt as the other day, when I finished thankfully I had no pain. I'm going to give this mixture another shot or two before I become convinced that it works, but so far it looks pretty good.

The difference between my remedy and plain old vaseline is that it's non greasy. If this stuff works hopefully others who suffer from this can be helped by this information.

VitoVino 10-06-2011 01:37 PM

Well, it looks like the home remedy formula works. I've taken 3 long bike rides now wearing the shirts that have bothered me recently, and while wearing the formula there's no pain/sensitivity whatsoever when done.

So for anyone else out there who needs something and doesn't want to spend $10 or more for a 1.3 ounce size of the official stuff, I recommend mixing up 50% Zinc Oxide, 50% aloe hand lotion (contains Vitamin E) and applying that. Save some money.

I haven't tried this on any other spot, but I don't chaff or get sore anywhere else while running or biking.

gerrymcd 12-20-2011 10:38 PM

Yeah, I've had that happen a few times..... it hurts like 'ell. I don't wear 'special shirts' or apply creams, I just make sure I never wear the offending t-shirt again!

VitoVino 12-20-2011 10:47 PM

Originally Posted by gerrymcd (Post 65572)
Yeah, I've had that happen a few times..... it hurts like 'ell. I don't wear 'special shirts' or apply creams, I just make sure I never wear the offending t-shirt again!

Welcome to FitDay! Well check out the "home remedy" above. It really works!

I've found that it's not really shirt specific, because even the soft fabrics have given me trouble. It's all about the friction, and friction reduction.

01gt4.6 12-20-2011 10:48 PM

I like body glide (for legs)

gerrymcd 12-22-2011 09:06 PM

Hi there,

I guess its something I've only suffered from this a few times, and on all occasions by stopping wearing the offending shirt I didn't have a reoccurrence (at least not for a long time). That said, I didn't notice any connection between the type of shirt and whether or not this happened. One theory is that cotton shirts are the worst, but I found 'performance fabrics' to be equally culpable.

But, yes..... prevention is worth any cure!

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