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chocolateteddy 08-21-2011 12:25 PM

Nearly at my Goal but....
hello guys I joined this site 4 months ago, and only posted a few times, sorry, ya know how hectic our lives are.
But I started at te end of apirl and I weighed in at 350 lbs.
(healthy Husky lmao) now im 5 days away from the date of my goal and my weight loss goal is 300lbs.

I fear I may not reach it exactly, but I dont feel bad in the slightest of ways. Mainly because i did this as an experiment of my own personal abilities, I always believe in the power of one's own mind, and when I started this weight loss regement i purposly didn't include in form of major excerise.

besides my normal day to day routines, I strongly believed that the main reason I gained and kept the weight so long was because of stress, depression, and just lack of belief in myself.

Well first thing i did was take a laxative day 1 when i started here lmao it helped out alot, I felt like i was giving myself a new start.
My normal day involves me walking to and from the train to work which is 5 blocks away, then when i get off the train thats another block before work. At work I alternate sitting and standing (i give out gold colleteral loans and also sell and buy electronics) when i get home I work on my second job which is my passion,(graphic designer animation) of coarse thats a sitting job. during the weekends i usually practice with my swords and nunchukus and hangout or rest on sunday and or tuesdays.

Sorry for the long drawn out post, but the support on this site is wonderful! I believe using this site helped me learn what i need to eat and how ot limit myself, yes there have been days i have slipped or partied too much, but I take it all in stride after all its taken me years to gain the weight i can't get rid of it overnight!

I also decided that since i am close to my goal, I will start to include excerise in my regement now, maybe I just make 300lbs by 08/25/11 but if I dont its ok, I AM NOT STOPPING AT 300LBS lmao

DancinBear2 08-22-2011 02:47 AM

You are making good progress towards your goal, congratulations!

When I first started this process I tried to execise but I just couldn't get into it, however after I lost 50 pounds I noticed that I had energy to spare and all of a sudden I wanted to exercise. I hope that happens for you and I hope that you can find a form of exercise that you enjoy so that it does not feel like a chore.

Good Luck with the remainder of your journey.

jackdup 08-22-2011 03:39 AM

during the weekends i usually practice with my swords and nunchukus and hangout or rest on sunday and or tuesdays.

Hmm, you like nunchaku?
I recently bought a pair, and haven't started to workem yet, but I plan on it, we will have to compare notes some time.
I never forget them because it is like riding a bike, but I definitely spent some time with them years ago.

You lost 10 lbs per month for 5 months?

That is a great accomplishment.

It really IS all in someone's mind.

There is an old qoute that says "whether think you can or think you can't you are right on both accounts".

People on this site have made some amazing accomplishments.

mecompco 08-24-2011 10:17 AM

Great job so far, keep it up! No reason to quit at 300, IMHO--just keep up the slow and steady losses.

I actually came across my old 'chucks a few weeks ago--I was never great with them but they are fun. I should get my sword out, too--I have a nice katana in WWII NCO mounts but the blade is traditional and I believe much older.


savealotman1 08-25-2011 11:52 AM

great job on your weight loss. Patience will win the battle.

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