A few months in and confused

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Default A few months in and confused

Well, since this is my first post I suppose I should give a little background. I've been the big guy all my life - From elementary school to present. Back in 03-04 I did the South Beach diet and exercise and dropped 50 lbs in 6 months. But, I gained it back when I moved to a different state and ended up living on my own. From there on I didn't really eat the best that I could have and gained it all back. I hit another hurdle with I was unemployed for a year and a half and had to switch medications(for money reasons). Between being unemployed and the medication taking every bit of energy and motivation away I packed on a bunch of weight. As of last summer I hit my peak at 443 pounds.

Now onto the good news, it wasn't too long after hitting my peak weight I found work and got back on my normal medication. Those two things seemed to turn me around. Between summer 2010 and April 2011 I'd dropped 80 lbs. In April I got a scale and started to track myself. As of today I'm down to 337. In mid March I really got myself motivated(thanks to a woman... there's always a woman, isn't there?) and kicked things up.

As for my question, I've noticed a huge fluctuation in my weight over the weekends. I keep to the same routine exercise and food wise. This weekend for Example: I started Friday night at 332lbs and this morning I was at 340lbs. What gives?

I'm eating under 1200 calories a day(on sunday I was probably up to 2000).

My exercise routine looks like this:
Mon-Fri: 1 hour in the morning and the evening on a bike 16-20mph
Sat-Sun: Same as M-F, but with an extra 1-2 hours on the bike
I also alternate every other day with dumbbells and sit/push ups

I know muscle weighs more than fat, and I've definitely gained muscle. I also know water retention can add to your weight. But really, gaining 8lbs over the weekend? It may just be me, but it seems a bit much and honestly has me confused. It's also discouraging, but I haven't let that stop me yet.
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probably just water weight. If I eat crawfish or something extremely salty I can gain that much easily.
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Yup, no need to worry. I, too, see fairly hugh swings like that sometimes. Keep up the exercise and calorie deficit and you'll start seeing consistant losses. You might consider only having one or two higher calorie days a month if you want to increase your rate of loss.

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You look like your are doing well so congratulations. My weight increased when I moved from the downtown area to a suburban home. Great living out here but downtown I always walked and the YMCA was a 10 minute walk. Exercising was easy. Now, I drive everywhere because the shopping is in certain areas of the neighbourhood. I tried the local fitness centre but was always crowded and not too clean. I am struggling because I know that I need to incorporate exercise as you are. Congrats again.
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It does sound like you are doing great, and I wouldn't worry about the 8 pounds, they will likely come off just as quickly as they went on. The one thing you said that caught my attention was ...

Originally Posted by Aqueon View Post
(on sunday I was probably up to 2000).
If you are saying probably then you aren't tracking close enough, you should know exactly what you were at on Sunday.

Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress.
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