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CapnCrunch00 04-24-2011 04:05 AM

Ahoy, and I'm back again
Though I should have never went any where from the start. Its been quit a few months since I've been here on the site. But I am going at it again. Needless to say there has not been any progress of late just failure and setbacks. My doc says because of my extensive health issues I will be no doubt make a candidate for bariatric surgery but I got to put in some more effort. I didnt want to have to go that route at all but I know it may save my life so I gave in and talked to a doc that performs those surgeries. With bad lung issues it will be a risk just getting put under. But I will cross that bridge when I get to it for now I need to make a stronger effort and I really got to work hard. I know it wont be easy because my exercise ability is severly limited and I will have to depend mainly on my control of appetite and my diet to try and drop some more weight. So here I go again, good day to all.

nottango 04-24-2011 05:41 AM

Welcome back! If "one day at a time" sounds too overwhelming, try "one (food) decision at a time." I really encourage you to plan your meals in advance, and to log EVERYTHING! If you're tempted to "throw in the towel", check in to fitday instead.
Best of luck to you!

mecompco 04-25-2011 01:00 AM

Ahoy, Cap'n! Good to see you back. I was thinking about folks who've come and gone during the year I've been here recently and wondered about you.

I, too, have flirted with the idea of surgery in the past but I hate doctors, hospitals and all the junk so much that I don't think I'd ever seriously do it.

I know talk is cheap, but really you CAN do this if you stick with it. If I can do it, then anyone can. Let us know how things are going.


CapnCrunch00 04-25-2011 08:37 PM

thanks for the vote of confidence fellas, I will sure try my darndest to stick it out I am like you Mike I and dodged the surgery talk from my doc for about two years now and I finally said maybe it will benefit, I know I am going to give it one hell of a run before I go there, Nice to hear from you and glad you hanging in there and making progress.

mecompco 04-25-2011 11:27 PM

Well, my take on the whole surgery thing (and I've nothing at all against those that choose that route) is that you need to follow a strict pre-op lower cal diet for some time. If you can do that, why not just keep doing it?

And, surgery is not a license to eat whatever you want. I know people who've had it done and wound up fat again. If you don't address the mental aspects of overeating, you CAN end up where you were pre-op (probably even worse off).

Not to mention the side effects and possible complications (death included) I just decided I'd never actually do it. Fortunately for me, tracking a lower calorie but reasonably filling amount of food and modest amount of exercise here on FitDay has worked really well for me.

Of course, I haven't maintained my loss yet so that may be the fly in the ointment. Time will tell!

I'm kinda rambling here, but really, I think we can come up with an eating plan that you can live with.


CapnCrunch00 05-03-2011 05:36 AM

so true mike everything you say, surgery is not a quick fix and if you have to get strict with it why not just keep up the work. I see it that way also that is the reason why I would not recommend it for any and everyone looking to lose a few quick pounds trust me it took some doing for my convincing I have seen some bad results when it comes to surgery, But my doc helped me to see that just in some cases its absolutely needed I have the will and the desire. Health wise for it is to big a challenged. and as of right now either way it could mean death for me so I am giving it a shot I need to make this last push to be sure. But basically if I dont do I will probably not make it.

mecompco 05-05-2011 02:47 PM

Well, you certainly have my best wishes whichever way you decide to go. I hear ya' on the health issue--I have a feeling I was flirting with a trip to the ER and/or morgue myself, a year ago when I started this journey (for the third and final time).

Keep us posted as to how things are going, and don't give up!


CapnCrunch00 05-11-2011 10:21 PM

new stats
Weighed today for first time this month and I am down 17 pounds feels good to see that but I got a long way to.

I have had my doubts about displaying my actual weight and goal here, but I figure we are all working toward the same goal and have the same issues so here it goes. I will have to figure out how to place it permanetly in my post but I will just add it in this one for now.

My Previous and highest weight was 564 not good. Exercise none existent. Health issues diagnosised with a disease of the lungs (Pulmonary Hypertension)- enlarges right heart, damaged blood vessels in the lungs, causing diminished lung capabilites, serious breathing problems, and heavy fluid retention. eventually resulting in heart failure.

Current weight 547 down 17 pounds since my last weigh in April 25. Total diet overhaul. Bread, gone. diary nearly gone, alcohol gone.

My goal I am shooting for 380 under 400 by this time next year. It will be a challenge with little exercise. I am able to do some with the aid of medical oxygen 30 minutes on the stepper every night before bed. Hopefully if prescribed meds continue to improve breathing I can increase the amount of exercise I do, at a certain saturation level I will be able to enter pulmonary rehab, a supervised exercise program through doc office.

and thats my situation

efduncan 05-11-2011 11:51 PM

You're going the right direction! I know it seems to be a long way off but you have nothing to loose and life and health to gain, so just do not stop on the quest. It is so easy to stray off track and we all do, just dust yourself off and get back on track, it's a lifetime quest. Keep us posted on your progress, we are all your side and want to see you reach your goals and be healthy.

Good luck,

mecompco 05-12-2011 12:27 AM

Capn--good work!

I hear ya' on going "public"--I posted a pic over in the "Success" thread of me "before"--not pretty and I had almost another year of weight gain added to that picture. Let me tell you I had to work up the nerve to post that, but it is what it is (or was).

A year ago it was truly all I could do to walk 100 feet so I have a feel for where you're at. Today I jogged 2 miles in 25 minutes.

Even with minimal/no exercise I think you'll see the weight just peel off if you keep a really big calorie deficit. Just like you, I quit the junk, I quit the daily 6 pack or 8 oz of vodka and just switched to 1500 cals a day of good food.

Don't ever hesitate to post if there's anything I can do to help. You can even email me if you don't care to post here in "public" at


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