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farr1022 02-13-2010 11:21 AM

Funny Story
So last night I went to a cancer fundraiser here in Jacksonville. To make a long story short I got really drunk by drinking my usual Grey Goose Martinis. On the way home my thin wife wants to stop and get a pizza. I go with her and wolf down about 5 slices in a drunken stupor. This morning I wake up full of guilt and dredding my morning weigh in. I step on the scale and I am 1lb lighter today than I was yesterday.

Could Vodka and Pizza be the new diet craze? I hope so!

sbuffer 02-17-2010 11:18 PM

Happens to me too - but you will see it come back over the next couple days. I think it is just water weight that you lose. I am on a strict diet during the week but turn into a "Junk-food Junkie" on weekends. Keeps me sane, and my wife from killing me!

mfagerstrom 02-20-2010 03:52 AM

hah, gotta love it when that happens. I was pretty bad over the Christmas holiday with my eating, but still lost 3 pounds somehow.

Then again, I often get the opposite. I eat super healthy, light meals for a day and expect a decent weigh-in and I end up weighing 2-3 pounds more than the previous day.

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