Staying out of the (leftover) Halloween Candy?!!?

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Default Staying out of the (leftover) Halloween Candy?!!?

How are you guys doing it? I have two young kids and I've been horrible at going through not only the candy we were to be giving out (which we had too much of it) but also going through what we have here at the office!!!

I'm ok when I start out not having any, but so many people around me just muching and crunching all day long - I have a tendency to start joining them! ESPECIALLY when my afternoon sweet tooth starts kicking in (which is kinda new also).

This is driving me crazy as I have challenged myself in the 10% by thanksgiving, but this past week I'm starting to get to the tipping point of no likelyhood of making that goal when I was only off by < 10 lbs a week ago! I've ballooned to like 12-14 lbs out now - and worried!

So back to the short question:


P.S. I think this post will also be pertinent come the rest of the year as well...
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If you don't let yourself get too hungry, that candy won't look as good to you. Craving for pleasure food is a sign of being on the feast/famine cycle. You could also try having more protein in your meals. Good luck and maybe throw the candy in the dumpster?!
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That junk is everywhere, at home and at work--I've taken a zero tolerance stance and honestly I'm not all that tempted by it. I vote for total abstinance.
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I broke down only momentarily and ate one fun size snickers. That was it though, not another piece. I think I paid a price for it, too. The next morning my weight had gone up slightly. I'm fully back on track now. I know Thanksgiving is going to be tough, though! Candy is fairly easy to resist. The real test is coming! Good luck to us all.
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I've been trying to allow myself not more than two pieces a day, I'm the type that will go on a total bender if I tell myself I CAN'T have something. I've really had about 4 pieces a day, well 3 today because after the 4th piece was in my mouth, half chewed, I went and spit it in the trash Then I put all the candy bowls in the cupboard, going to try the out of sight/out of mind approach and get back with you.

Doesn't matter how many times I slip up, as long as I get up again.
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