Challenge: Lose 10% body weight by thanksgiving

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I only lost 1lb this week somehow (I was averaging 1800cals a day and walked 20 miles), but feel better from the exercise at least.

Oct 18

Monday weigh in.
Start Weight=289 pounds (Sept 13/2010)
Weight=279 pounds (Oct 18/2010)
10% Challenge goal=260.1 pounds (28.9) (Nov 25/2010)
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travbrad, I'm in the same boat. I worked my butt off to lose 1 pound and get me back to about the same place I was 2 weeks ago. But I too feel better for the exercise (treadmill, Total Gym, stationary bike and walk/jog session). But I went shopping for clothes on the weekend and am starting to fit into clothes a size lower than I have been wearing for the last couple years. Sometimes the scale is slow to catch up to your work.
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Default Back on Track...

It's been a couple weeks since I updated, because I was on both personal and business travel. I knew I'd get knocked off the beam a bit, especially with a 4 day weekend on Cape Cod that's an annual getaway with a lot of good food and wine. The business trip to Florida was easier to handle, (except for the free flowing margaritas!) although very little exercise was done, and a lot of time just sitting in meetings and planes. But it seems I didn't do too bad, and weighing in yesterday showed that I only gained a half pound. Which, again, is consistent with my strategy of going slow and steady: if I gain a pound, it's easier to lose it quickly, rather than jumping off and gaining 3-5, and then just losing steam altogether. I'm back on track this week. Just need to avoid the Halloween candy that's showing up everywhere...

Monday weigh in
Start Weight=245 pounds (July 6,2010)
Weight=226.5pounds (October 24/2010)
10% Challenge goal=220.5 pounds (24.5) (Dec 25, 2010)

Starting date: July 6, 2010
Starting weight: 245 lbs
Current weight: 226.5 (As of October 25,2010)
Total lbs lost: 18.5
Total Weeks: 16
Goal Weight #1: 235 lbs by 8/31. MET!
Goal Weight #2: 230 lbs by 9/30 MET 9/11!
Goal Weight #3 225 lbs by 10/4 Not met
Goal weight #4: 223 by 10/31
Total lbs left: 6.5
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TELL ME ABOUT IT! This Halloween Candy is going to be the END of me!

I havent been updating at all with so much going on personally have been thrown off the workout cycle. Maybe Monday I'll do a re-up and see how much more i have left - i'm thinking 10-12 lbs - and it's doable - even though there's only 3-4 weeks left.

Here's to gettin back to it!

Good luck to us all getting thru the halloween goodie haze!
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201.6 was what I originally weighed in at.

This morning: 196.7...

A whopping 4 lbs? Oh boy - how about breaking into the 180's to be a revised goal...

In either case - we've got two and a half weeks - this is the final stretch! Lets see how disciplined we can be in this time...

Now that I've eaten most of the halloween candy - this next week will be much easier.
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