Regarding "spot reducing"

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This is an interesting thread. I've been lifting weights a looong time and I've tried a hundred different workouts and every machine under the sun. I love lifting weights, unfortunately I love eating and drinking beer when I get done, which is why I'm here
But anyway, I don't really think spot reducing is possible either. The only place that it seems to be possible is the arms. But I think it's just an illusion because my arms don't typically have a lot of fat on them anyway, but it does seem like I can melt away virtually all of the fat on my arms by sticking to an intense arm workout for just a few weeks.
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Spot reduction is a myth to sell more products to remove those spots.

Can anyone say Ab machine?
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From what I can remember from my BioChem classes, only the liver can breakdown fat stores and that releases fatty acids into the blood stream where they can be absorbed by muscle cells. The point of lifting is to increase your muscle mass which then increases the amount of fat they will burn while your at resting heart rate (when fat is the preferred form of energy).
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Seriously, Who needs scientific proof to prove that spot reducing doesn't work. What happened to Nutrition? What happened to Cardiovascular training? I hate to burst your ego. But Spot reducing is a myth. You body burns calories from everywhere in the body all at the same time. Haven't you ever noticed. When some one starts to loose weight for the first time you see it in their face first. Everyone stores body fat differently and in different places. It may come off faster or slower in some area's. The last place most people will loose it is around their waist line and glutes. Look my Wife and I are both bodybuilders, Trainers and Nutritionist. I'm here to tell you spot reducing does not exist.
But if you want to go along and believe it does, by all means you have that right to believe what you want. Oh did here that the World is actually flat? right! that's how silly you sound by believing this nonsense.
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Lets see your proof. Send us some references, articles something that says you can spot reduce. It can't be a Product line or piece of equiptment. It has to be scientific proof.
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