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Default Please please please help!

Hey guys,
I have been having some difficulty losing my belly i want to lose weight and gain alot of muscle but im not to sure how to eat for that, I know to you need to eat alot to gain muscle but i need to lose this extra fat , im not near as confident as i used to be in highschool and im only 21, i just want some help some tips, i workout(lift) monday , wednesday and friday i also do half hour of swimming lengths and bike for half hour on monday , tuesday and wednesday, please help me in what to eat please keep in mind that im 6'4 250lbs and 21 years old and i just want to lose as much body fat as possible im not really that worried about my weight more body fat PLEASE HELP thank you very much

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From your post, I gather that you are more worried about your fat. So lets worry about the muscle strength size after we lose the fat. So don't eat for the muscle growth.

If you're using the exercise and nutrition logs you should be able to see what your caloric balance is each day. There isn't a lot of science here, 3500 calories equals one pound. If you run a negative balance of 500 calories each day in one week you lose a pound. If you have a positive balnace you gain a pound.

Obviously to build muscle you need to have more protein, so look at the carb/protein/fat composition of your diet, this is made easy by the nutritional logs. Tweak that balance for more protein to assist with building that muscle.

The good news is you're 21 and you've made this decision early. Your metabolism is probably still running high and any extra weight you've carried hasn't been around long enough to cause joint damage.

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I agree with dlavie. In addition when you weight train lift heavy. 5-6 reps to failure. This will help you build the muscle you want. As a guide, try to get .5 to 1.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight (for me if I get 30% of my calories from protein I am in the upper end of this range). Good luck.
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Hey man I'm right here with you, 23 years old and needing to lean out. Like the above poster said worry about losing the fat before gaining the muscle because if you just go for bulking up you will have hulk arms and a big spare tire.

I'm doing some really high intensity lifting and interval training.

But to lean out the nutrition is the biggest factor. Its all in what you eat. The only thing I eat out of a box or bag now are whole grains, anything else is a one ingredient food. But don't rule out protein powders, I use a shake as a protein replacement sometimes 3 times a day, its just easier than cooking. I eat some fruit and veggies with the shakes though. The only way you will see the results you want is calories restriction eating whole foods, and a training regime.
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