Goal of 240 by 11/1/2010

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  • One more thing I forgot to mention. I have been told by various sources that when you are losing weight it is important to eat lots of protein to avoid losing muscle. The formula I follow is 1g of protein for every pound of body weight. If you use the Casein protein it digest more slowly and makes you feel fuller longer. Whey protein, while good after workouts, gets processed very quickly.
  • Quote: Good job guys!

    I too started at 310, but on 7 Dec 2009, so you have a week or 3 on me. Weighed in today at 272, shooting for 220 by 01 Nov 2010, but would be happy at 240. I'm 6'2", and never have been petit.
    During the week I am pretty serious about eating and excersize (3 days @ gym & 3 days with 3 mile walk) but on weekends... Lets just say that I know Guinness Draught is "only" 125 calories/bottle. When I look at the graph for my weight, I can easily pick out the weekends!
    When you are at the gym what types of workouts do you do?
  • Farr, Your doing great, whatever you're doing must be working great. You're stronger than me on the beer, I had 6-7 Saturday night, got back on track Sunday. I do not have a set schedule for the gym. For the most part, I do 45 minutes cardio (I try to use something different each time, treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical and steper) about 5 days a week and on the same days I do 30-45 minutes weights. For March I have been doing the circuit (lower weight/more reps/very little rest between sets) weight thing and will likely do heavier lifting next month. Then try to change a little something the next. I think the main thing I have to do is stay at it with my food and exercise journal and it keeps me in line most days.
    Lets keep at it and I think we will both reach our goals early. Keep me posted.
  • Ed- I had a pretty good week and broke through the 220 barrier. How are you doing?
  • Quote: Ed- I had a pretty good week and broke through the 220 barrier. How are you doing?
    Congrats! I'm trying to get through the 280 barrier...been very slow over the past 10 days or so (ok, so my daughters birthday was in there and a lack of doing anything due to work commitments and pizza doesnt help). Did manage to have gone through the 50lbs lost barrier earlier this week though - since November 2009!! So looking forward to getting back in the gym this weekend.
  • Richard, 50lbs is awesome! What an accomplishment.
  • All y'all are doing great! I managed to gain 3lbs over last weekend, lost it this week, so am flat Friday-Friday, at 269. Got the Mother-n-law coming to town tomorrow for a week, so may not get as much done as I had hoped. Will pbly take her to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC, so will get plenty of exercise pushing her in her wc that day!
  • Farr, 41 pounds in 3 months is amazing.
    Richard, 50 pounds is a great hurdle to cross.
    Buffer, I gain 2-3 pounds every weekend but manage to drop it during the week plus a couple extra. I can't help it, I have fun on the weekends but try to keep my mind right and get a work out in.
    Bottom line is all of us are doing great, we are being accountable for our actions and getting the results we need. I know I can tell a major difference in my feet and legs.
    I'm at 262 today. 48 pounds less than when I started buckling down in November 2009 and 63 less than a couple years ago at my most disappointing weight.
    For me I keep believing the same, the food and fitness journal keeps me accountable and on track. Let's keep it going and all reach our goals. Keep me posted guys, we're doing great!!!
  • I too will gain 2-3 pounds over each weekend. I have found that it is not fat but water weight. Last night for example I ate 3 pieces of pizza while out with my wife and blew up like a balloon over night. Weighed in today three pounds more than yesterday. Nothing a few trips to the bathroom won't cure!
  • I find that my weight gain "peaks" on Tuesdays, after a good weekend of food and beverage. Monday's I am usually at or a pound over where I was on Friday, but Tuesday I show up 2-4 lbs heavier. I also attribute it to water, as I tend to get a tad dehydrated on weekends I was 269 on Friday, and 269 this morn. We'll see what tomorrow brings...
    Someone asked about my weight lifting; nothing serious. I usually hit pecks and back, and through those I also get my arm workouts done. I am by no means in well enough shape to spend 2 hrs there hitting all the right spots. I have upped my walking regimen to 6 days, MWF at 3 miles plus the gym, and Tues/Thurs/Sat I do 4.2 miles. Some days I do more, like when my wife wants to go with. Today was 4.5 miles.


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