MEN I Need Help Late 40s Early 50s

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Default MEN I Need Help Late 40s Early 50s

Guys, Im looking for guidance. Due to a lot of things the last couple years I turned sedentary, ate too much fast food, etc gained quite a bit of middle weight, and Im struggling to get back on a right combo of foods/meals to start the fat burning.

I have always been a smart eater, but even trying now just isnt getting things going, or Ive lost my focus. I am simply looking for simply guidance as to what someone like me (Male, 49, 40 or so lbs too much) need to consume through the day, based on the 4 or 5 small meal idea. I dont even need recipes.

What Im doing now and with FitDay is having a half to three quarter cups egg substittue for breakfast, apple or banana mid morning, 2 coups of romaine with 2 ounces of tuna or salmon with vinagerette or the protein plus 2 cups veg, then a fruit mid afternoon, then small protein (4 oz chicken breast or turkey) with 1 cup veg early evening. Im trying to watch and not eat past 6pm or so. Ive also started doing a half hour of good time on the treadmill brisk wlaking per day.

Maybe Im over anxious, but am I headed in the right direction?

Thanks for any and all feedback. I would appreciate any sample meal/snack day samples. Ill be back to interact over the next several days.
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Default More exercise to burn the calories

As your endurance goes up you should move off of that tread mill and get into an exercise that burns some more calories. The exercise portion is what will increase the metabolism and drive the weight loss.

Prior to a hip replacement, my mobility was impaired and there wasn't any real cardio I could do, I couldn't maintain my weight with diet alone. In the recovery from the hip surgery, I swam, which is an excellent cardio and strength exercise that doesn't wear the joints.

I do an hour of step aerobics each day now, my diet is very flexible.

Don't be discouraged, anything you do is going to be an improvement. It's easy to get frustrated and just quit. You can do this.

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What does your calorie intake look like? I'm a small framed female in the same age bracket and I eat waaaayyy more than that in a given day, usually right around 1500-1600 calories. As a man you probably need even more than that. You might be throwing yourself into conservation mode on that plan, which would make it much harder to lose weight. On your workout don't get me wrong, the tread is a great, but you might want to switch to weightlifting once or twice a week. Muscle toning/building is really key for weight loss and it's a nice break from the walking/running staring at the wall thing.
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I started out finding out my basil metabolic rate on line, height, weight, age, then added lifestyle and exercise. fitday does this too but i tried a few others to compare. Once you have your basic caloric needs then figure your deficiency for a reasonable weekly weight loss. 2# is workable at your current exercise level. 4# is possible once your turn up the acivity. If you don't want to do thatleg work an easy rule of thumb is eat 10 times your goal weight is calories. ie 200# is 2000 calories. try to get an hour of exercise 5 days week, it does not hsve to be intense but you do need to sweat, and get that heart rate going. things i have read say you start burning fat after 30-40 minutes of exercise. be careful not to eat too few calories! in my opinion 90 calories is not enough for breakfast. i eat 2000 per day, shoot for a 300-400 cal breakfast, fruit mid day, 500 cals for lunch, mid afternnon snack of fruit or lean protein, then a good supper fish, chicken turkey or lean pork, starch, and veggies.
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Smile How's the Weight Loss Going?

I read your post, and as another man in his late 40's, I wanted to hear more. I spent much of my adult life overweight, especially 30s-40s. It took a mindset shift, not just a diet change, for me.

Are you making progress since you April 2010 post? If you are willing, I'd like to learn more about how it's going because I have a passion for helping 40-50 men really lose the fat... especially with all the health problems that occur...

And for more and more men, the "lack of attractiveness" factor to the opposite sex...

Let me know...
/ Marc
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