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azazelsfyre 06-14-2012 03:42 PM

Goal maybe?
So my goal has always been to reach 135, possibly 130. At my height, 5'9", this is certainly in the lower range of healthy. But I think I'm happy where I am now, at 145. I discovered this after I found out my scale was broken, and weighing me in at about 4lbs under what I actually was. I thought I was making progress, and visibly I am. But after I got some truly screwy readings, I tried my mother's scale upstairs, which is much more expensive than my own. I guess in some ways I'm crushed, but by the same token I am happy with where i am. However, I have another reason for considering moving into maintenance mode: I spoke to a nutritionist, and she claimed that a woman's ideal BMI was at 21%, and lower and her immune system can suffer, any higher and she's at risk for heart disease and the like.
Any comments on that?
My intention for now is to continue to tone up, but maybe it's time to quit stressing. I've been at about 145, give or take a few lbs, for over a year, and I certainly don't look bad. Or, am I suffering from the "Last 10 Lbs Syndrome", where you're so close you just give up as losing becomes harder. Then of course, there's my lovely boyfriend who informed me last night that runners have a 2% BMI and seemed to imply that's what I should strive for (I promptly told him what I thought of that idea).
So if you guys could weigh in, I'd appreciate it :)

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