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jenningslm 03-25-2010 03:34 PM

weighloss goal
I have lost 20 pounds since I started dieting and worink out. I only have 7 pounds get to my goad. is what kept me motivated and on the straight and narrow. I love this site and recomment it to people as many times as possile!
:) :)

CaseyBoxer 03-25-2010 03:40 PM

Weightloss Goal vs Plateaus
I have been having great success with the FitDay diet. I have hit a plateau for the past 10 days. Any suggestions ? I have increased my workout schedule- but still the scale is not moving ?


cjohnson728 03-25-2010 05:06 PM

Hi Casey. I had the same thing happen; I plateau-ed for about three weeks. I just kept at it, tried different exercises, and did calorie cycling. Here's a link for that so you can read about it and see if you might be interested (click on the zig zag calorie cycle line): Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs

Eventually things moved again. I got to my goal weight :).

Good luck to you!

CaseyBoxer 03-25-2010 06:41 PM

Thank cj for the advice. (3 weeks ? ugh) I will try the link you suggested and will report back. Congratulations for making your goal. I hope to be there by May 15th !

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