43 and it just gets better and better

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Default 43 and it just gets better and better

I am probably a bit late to have a diary of progress but I can update regarding my story and achievements.

I was 39 1/2 and 219lbs at 6ft 4 and was kidding myself I still cut it. That was until the day someone said to me 'How old are you buddy, 42?'. *wake up call right there and then. I went home, hopped on the scales and saw the score of 219 lbs.

I said to the wife that things were going to change and she made the right noises but didn't believe me (why should see as it is a statement made 10,000 a day somewhere in the world). First off, after some reading I dropped my calorie intake to 1800 a day maximum and started running 3 miles a day, every day. 16 weeks later I stood on the scales at 185 lbs. I was slim. But I wasn't so much to look at. I decided to hit the gym and to work on building some strength and some muscle.

I discovered the principle of muscular exercise as opposed to aerobic exercise. I continued reading up on diets, learn't about glycogen, glycogon, ketones and what fats, carbohydrates and proteins do.

I recently went to the US for a month and went up from 186lbs to 194lbs due to all the calories in the food there and my eating them. 6 weeks later I am at 182lbs after going essentially Paleo on my return.

I have no trouble maintaining my weight as I minimise carbs, have a basically Paleo diet or an anabolic one if I am being a gym bunny, and I watch my calorie uptake and weight. I exercise around 20 minutes with free weights 3 times a week and go for the occasional run.

If I had to give diet tips I would say this:

1. Go low carb. Do it properly and give it a proper chance
2. Measure and record all food intake and your weight and work with that information on an ongoing basis.
3. Train with weights (your heart increases and you get the aerobic benefits too)
4. Be patient. It took a while to put on and will take a while to come off.
5. Look forward one year. One year from today will come whatever you do and so you either get there as an achiever or get there as a failure and it is your choice. Either way you will get there.
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