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  • Yeah, Man!!! Most excellent! I would think that if it took you 3 years to do do this, then you have already learned new habits. Gives you a great headstart on maintenance! I,ll be thinking the good, positive thoughts for you!
  • Fantastic
    Well done Steve, an amazing accomplishment, you should be so proud.
    Thanks for letting us share, shows what can be done if you stick with it.
  • Congratulations!
  • Well done! And I second the request for some before and after photos!
  • Congratulations! Keep the up the good work and maintain the weight..Maintenance, in my experience, is the harder than dropping weight.
  • Awesome Job Steve~you inspire us all!!!
  • wow that is incredible! you must feel completly amazing!

    Good for you!

  • Great Job! Let's see before and after pics if u don't mind sharing!
  • Congratulations Steve... That is amazing.. Today is my second day counting calories... I am very excited.
    Female Starting weight 163 lbs.
    3 month Goal( September 30): 148 lbs.
    6 month Goal( December 30) : 135 lbs.


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