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benchracer52 02-10-2010 11:24 AM

My story
Middle aged man (46) here that trains and coaches champions in one of the most grueling and physical sports there is.

I have been very healthy and slim many time in my life and again found myself thru my own doings about 25 pounds over weight.

I have become very disappointed in the nutritional information out there and all the false fads going around.

I grew up a simple country boy where we raised our own food and canned or froze our own food.

Fitday is a great way for me to keep track of my own personal program and find that my nutrition, exersice and life program work very well and I feel better today then anytime before I was 35.

I have a heart arithmia condition and very poor lung capacity and when I let myself go, I go down hill fast.

I am coaching my wife right now on her weigh loss goals and she has been very sucsessfull.

Some of the things we do is not quit the norm and many of the foods we eat you cant find at the local grocer but I would love to have one person who is willing to try my program in a public forum like this and work thru the whole thing on a daily basis for everyone to see.

I will say since I dont have a coach - I could not do it without Fitday to help keep me on track.

Anyone who cares to follow what I eat - and my entire program for myself is welcome.

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