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ezrimayr 02-06-2010 06:48 PM

HI all who care to listen.
As I age, I have had to be more careful about what I eat... of course. All of us do.

I started using Fitday while in Grad school and have come back to it a couple times when I haven't been overwhelmed with other parts of my life.

All my custom foods are there. All my data from last year is there. All my previous work is still there!! This is one of the best parts of fitday!!!
I just pick up where I left off and get back on the horse.

I am so grateful to FitDay for supplying this service. I understand the for-pay version is even more helpful!

Thank you Fitday for helping me so much!!!


jancamp09 02-07-2010 12:40 PM

The for-pay version is nicer - I have it but it is for PC and I now have a Mac so I can't use it. Even the pay one is so inexpensive (was around 24.00 when we bought it I think - back quite a few years ago) However, I can't not say enough good about the free version. It is really great that this offers as much as it does for free. At the gym and where I previously worked, if some one was complaining about their weight or saying about going on a diet, I would tell them about FitDay. I also have used it on and off over the years. I have found that dieting without tracking will fail for me. We all know what we should and shouldn't eat - but even "good" foods need to be eaten in moderation and the "bad" foods - it's nice to see just how bad they are so we can make better choices. When I had just started back on FitDay, I was out with my mother taking her to doctor appointments. While we were out I offered to buy her lunch and make a suggestion of a place I knew I could get a good salad and other great food without breaking the calorie bank. She however wanted to go to Tim Horton's (a popular doughnut store here in Southern Ontario). She is 80 so she won :) I knew ordering the cream soup was not the best choice but I did it anyway - wow - 500+ calories - for the soup alone! Next time, it will be the broth base soup offered - even though even that is higher then I would like it to be it is the better choice - without recording on Fitday, I never would have bothered to look up the nutritional value of the soup to know how poor a choice it was.

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