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tandoorichicken 12-29-2010 07:37 PM

The PR Thread
I thought we could collect our little PR (personal record) victories in one thread to be celebrated. A lot of us have hit weight loss goals, improved our conditioning, and started competing in sports. While anyone could start their own thread in the success stories room, with this thread we could all chime in with our own goals, congratulations, and keep some friendly competition going.

Feel free to post your lifting numbers and totals, 5k/marathon/*athlon times, stretching (I can touch my toes now!), or new recreational sporting victories (like finally hitting the blue slopes). While primarily an exercise thread, one could even post other victories like how many days of clean eating or how long clean/smoke-free/sober.

In the interest of civility, there's just one rule: no gloating or taunting.

RunbikeSki 12-29-2010 08:18 PM

Great idea
Mine? Finally conquering the black diamonds this week!

I took up skiing pretty late in life (age 40ish) and while I absolutely love it (thus the moniquer) I have no illusions of being a competitive racer, and being now in my 50's & finally realizing that I am neither immortal nor invincable, tend to be a bit cautious.

But this week the snow was perfect, I had finally gotten used to my newer slimmer body (whole different center of balance which took some getting used to on skis) and an encouraging husband the blacks were mine. Yippee!

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