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canary52 12-23-2010 03:14 PM

The Naturally Thin Thread
Well how do you do it?

01gt4.6 12-23-2010 04:12 PM

well, I'm not one of them but I'd guess that a lot of it has to do with genetics or metabolism.

The other part could be how they were raised... it they were raised in an active house and ate nutritious foods, or if they were told they had to clean their plate before they left the table, no matter what was on it.

I think that most of it starts when they were a kid.

I also think now days we are seeing less and less "naturally thin" kids, b/c they'd rather be inside on the computer or in front of the TV instead of outside playing.

LisaAnnie 12-23-2010 05:21 PM

My sis in law in naturally thin and fit. Her motto is to not eat anything she couln't have found on grandma's farm table, walk every day, and spend fun time with children and animals whenever possible. She doesn't watch much TV and is not a computer-phile either. She eats breakfast, a fruit & grain.

midwestj 12-23-2010 06:43 PM

The whole idea of being naturally thin takes away the credit of the people who are working at staying healthy and fit.

Naturally thin? Ya maybe as a school aged child.

The people I know who are rail thin eat like birds. High metabolism? Not really, they don't eat enough, or push any weights. When I think of naturally thin I think of people underweight by bmi standards. Most of the time these individuals barely consume enough calories and hardly do any exercise.

Most underweight people have as many body issues as overweight, the two sides of the spectrum no one wants to be at.

Maybe there is such thing as naturally thin, but I think for 90% of people out there, your body will be a direct reflection of your lifestyle and nutrition choices.

There are no free passes to staying fit and healthy.

AmberStringer 12-23-2010 07:04 PM

my husband eats like crap. loves sweets and carbs, and never ate well. he grew up on twinkies from 7-11.

hes very fit, stays toned, and has never been overweight a day in his life. he does have a physically demanding job, but even before he was doing that, he was thin. he can eat whatever, however, and he just doesnt gain (he has even tried to put on a few pounds).

i dont know how he does it, i just hope that my kids will be blessed with his metabolism.

canary52 12-23-2010 07:45 PM

Noel, do you want to (ahem) weigh in on this?

noelminneci 12-24-2010 01:10 AM

Hi Canary, I've been away from home all day and we are getting a new computer so I will have to keep this short but I will add to it.

I stumbled on "How to Become Naturally Thin by Eating More" 20 years ago after 10 years of very severe dieting and trying all methods. And no, I did not fail, the diets themselves failed me! I was always successful with everything but eventually my appetite would return with a vengence and I would regain and then little by little, I was becomming fatter. All this time I was exercising and working at a gym AND worked as a Diet Center counselor for two years.

Now I am 65 years old, I work out lifting serious weights (with a trainer) and I'm in the gym six days a week. I am 5' 5 1/2" tall and I weigh 127 pounds and my BMI is 21.3. I have plenty of energy, I'm not some emaciated little old lady, and I eat very well. I never restrict food, I eat when I'm hungry. My average calories is about 1800, sometimes as much as 2200 if I need it. I don't have to weigh myself all the time and my clothes always fit.

It is a little miracle, Canary thank you for that great quoteYou asked how I do it and I will tell you... I EAT WHEN I'M HUNGRY AND MY BODY DOES THE REST FOR ME. It's called "adaptation theory."

More in another post when I can get back to the computer... Noel

canary52 12-26-2010 11:57 AM

Thanks for sharing, everyone! Interesting responses.

Noel, I started on the book you recommended; I'll let you know what I think once I read more. Because of your name, I assumed you were male.

I was average sized as a kid, gained weight as an adolescent and have been battling my weight for years. I've always liked exercise, not sports per se, but exercise. (my Dad was a big fitness guy but with a terrible diet.) My Mom died of a heart attack; my Dad of a stroke but they both had terrible stress besides bad diet. I went through various eating issues and other stuff I won't get into here.

When I was 40, I worked out with a trainer and was at the gym 6 days a week. I was in the best shape of my life, not the thinnest but the best shape. Then I got very sick, needed total knee replacement, etc. I lost 10 lbs. last year after a difficult surgery and recovery and managed to keep it off.

I'm 5'5", my weight hovers around 136-7 give or take a couple of pounds and I am struggling to regain mobility and muscle tone. And also to find a sane and healthy approach to eating. Would also love to model good behavor for DD who has health as well as weight issues. I have fibromyalgia and high blood pressure both being treated with meds.

So that's my (rather long) story! At least part of it!

gallusgal 12-28-2010 01:04 AM

naturally thin...
I guess we all are, underneath the layers of fat and false promises to ourselves. :)

InfectedElf0 12-28-2010 06:29 PM

Originally Posted by LisaAnnie (Post 29324)
My sis in law in naturally thin and fit. Her motto is to not eat anything she couln't have found on grandma's farm table, walk every day, and spend fun time with children and animals whenever possible. She doesn't watch much TV and is not a computer-phile either. She eats breakfast, a fruit & grain.

So she's thin because she eats well and exercises? I thought this was about people who are just NATURALLY thin.

There is no such thing. People who are thought to be 'naturally thin' or have a 'fast metabolism' either eat less calories or exercise more. People don't consider how the little things matter. One person might wash dishes, wash/fold laundry, go grocery shopping, and prepare a meal on a given day. Another person might watch some TV, take a quick nap, search for the closest parking lot to the store, have a microwave meal, and use a dishwasher. Small things add up. Few people seem to realize this. There are small differences in how people absorb the foods they eat but they will not account for one person being slim and fit while another sports a beer belly and is out of shape. Unhealthy people need to stop complaining about their 'slow metabolism' and healthy people need to stop feeling lucky for being 'naturally thin'. They're just myths.

PS: Also, I'm not knocking naps. They're great. But you will certainly be burning less calories if you're napping rather than going for an afternoon walk.

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