My Success today!!

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Default My Success today!!

Ok, so maybe you will think this is really stupid, but I brought my own lunch to work today and it was plain chicken breast with raw veggies. I opened it up before lunch and started eating some of it and it tasted terrible. I think some of the veggies were going bad.

So lunchtime came and I got into my car and drove to Wendy's. I was going to get a single classic burger with a small fry. I got into the drive thru lane sat there for a second and drove away. I thought to myself, I'M NOT HUNGRY!! WHAT AM I DOING HERE!!

I didn't get any food from Wendy's!

Now that's success to me!!
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every bit counts. I would have had to have ordered a chocolate frosty though.

did you eat the chicken sammich?
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well done cjr eyes! It all adds up, bet you felt very good about yourself!
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Default congrats..

Congrats on realizing what you don't want. But I do still go to fast food from time to time. I like the Wendys apple pecan chicken salad but take out the pecans. They have a Pomegrante dressing that is great. I have just learned to make healthy choices where ever I go. It's hard to avoid fast food forever but good job not getting the burger and fries.
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That doesn't sound stupid to me at all!

When my buddies all decide they're going to McDonald's or Wendy's or what have you and I happen to tag along, these days I just sit with them and watch them fill their faces with caloric death. Sure, it gets me hungry looking on, but it makes my healthy snack at home all more worthwhile; all more satisfying. However, I am guilty for the odd slice of pizza or two (or five), but what's life without SOME reward?

So we share a similar success And there's nothing stupid-sounding about a step in the right direction. So a big congratulations to you! Keep it up!
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Congrats on taking the first step. Learning how to live healthy will be a challenge but it can be done. Once you get that mind set going it will turn into an addiction. I am now looking at everything and saying is it worth it? Sometimes I give in but not nearly as much as I used to give in. Good luck with your weight loss.
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Talking Way to go!

You did well cjreyes! Today I noticed the food capacity I can normally take with my stomach shrunk after cutting down my portion by half for the past week. I ate the whole bowl of delicious Ramen and felt so bloated. That's considered a little success?

Will do a mid week weigh in tomorrow
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Oh my gosh that's great! I once had gotten the fast food and threw it in the garbage can they provide after the drive-thru window...but only once...part of my goal is NO FAST FOOD DRIVE THRU WINDOWS. Not even for yogurt.. I figure if I have to get my fat ass to go in, I won't bother.
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