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  • just a short update for those that have been following me.

    YouTube - busting my ass
  • Great job! I know you already heard this from me, but the transormation is amazing. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? You just look a whole lot younger from your starting weight. Anyway, glad your program is working out for you. It is inspiring indeed.
  • Nice...
  • actually just turned 39. Right around the corner from a mid-life crisis. It'll be time for a new car, new house, new boat, new woman and everything else that come with the crisis.
  • Great Job!!
  • thanks, good job on your loss so far.
  • I found this following someone else's thread. Nice job! I know I just have to do it. I'm going to the gym today! great job.
  • thanks a lot. I haven't seen this thread in a while.
  • here's one from yesterday.
    YouTube - HaydenP90XJourney Chinup challenge P90XYTFF

    I'm putting on some fat in the midsection but I'll get rid of that, I've been getting comments about my chest getting bigger.

    Oh yeah, this was a video response to another youtuber about a chinup challenge, I think I say a bad word or two and flip the bird... just so you know. lol
  • It's too bad you erased the one where you smacked your head on the ceiling and then banged up the knee, never mind the 18 chin ups...

    Our middle child is now trying to break the school record for "pull-ups". She's only in 2nd grade, the record is 7, and her goal is to double that. She's freakishly strong and weighs about as much as a drinking straw, so I'm thinking she might just do it. At her last attempt she did 5 and has since commenced bugging us to get a bar installed in the house so she can work out. Too funny that kid. And just so you know, she is exactly the kind of kid that will smack her head on the ceiling, and bang her knees on stuff...