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Default The solution to the problem is hard work and dedication!

I made my first post over in the Introduction thread earlier and promised to tell my story, so here goes....

Around 3 years ago at the age of 23 I was working at a Detention Center for incarcerated men and women in Kentucky, I worked the night shift as the SGT in booking. One night after work I got home and started sweating uncontrollably and was having trouble breathing. I tried to just shake it off and go to bed as I had done in the past. After a few hours I couldn't take it anymore and I went to my local ER. The nurse checked my blood pressure and her face went pale and scared the living hell out of me, she said "sir, your BP is 220/118 we need to admit you immediately and administer Nitroglycerin"...To make a long story short after two hours and THREE Nitro pills my blood pressure leveled out. The doctor asked me to stay two nights for observation in which I agreed to do. I hadn't weighed myself in years, I tried to avoid the scale to be honest because I knew I was grossly fat. The evening nurse came on and I was placed in a room with a bed that weighs you, I tipped the scale at 402 pounds. 402 POUNDS. I was disgusted, sick, mad at myself and mad at the world for letting myself get in that kind of shape. The doctor made me see a diet specialist and yadda yadda before leaving the hospital but, I had already made my mind up about making a change. I went from drinking a 12 pack of soda a day (Dr. Pepper was my poison) to strictly water, that was my FIRST step. Like most people that battle with their weight I had started....and stopped...a diet/workout routine at least a half dozen times in my life. This time was different though, the doctors voice was hanging over my head and I kept hearing him say "Sir, your going to die at a very young age if you don't fix yourself"...I started waking up every morning and walking (I couldn't run ten feet at this point without feeling like death was near). I did it day in and day out until things started to improve. I finally got to where I could jog an entire lap around a track and after that it was on. My first trip back to the doctor was a month after my hospital stay and I had dropped 17 pounds. Seeing those numbers got me hooked on losing weight and I lost myself in it for the next 13 months. My one lap jog turned into a half mile jog and then a one mile jog and then a 3 mile jog until I reached a 7 mile jog without stopping. My friends encouraged me to do 5k and 10k races to keep things fun and I did. Not only did I enter multiple races but I actually won a 10k in my age group and placed 2nd in a 5k for my age group. You would've thought I won the lottery and I guess in a sense I actually did. I won my health, I won my family, I won my freedom from myself. I could walk up to people I have known my entire life and they didn't recognize me, THAT was what kept me going and what drove me to do what I did. It all sounds easy and great when you read someones "success story" but what a lot of people leave out or forget even is the journey it took to get them there. I wish I could count the number of times that I wanted to quit, the times I sat on the side of the road unable to move from heat exhaustion, the times I got discouraged, the times that people said "you can't do it"....but then I remember, that was ME out there running when it was 95 degrees and it was also ME that was out there running when it was 8 degrees and it was ME that never gave up when everybody said that I should.

My total weight loss was 170 pounds...I essentially lost a human beings body weight and got down to 232 pounds at 6'2".

Not one single day of my journey was easy, some days where easier than others but most days sucked to be honest. Most people look at it as "you gave up your life to get healthy" but I look at it as "I got healthy so I didn't have to give up my life"....It's still a journey every single day, just this past winter 2013 I gained 34 pounds and was back up to 266 pounds before I stopped myself, two summers ago I had to have lower hernia surgery which set me back for 4 weeks and the list goes on and on but, I never stopped. I weigh in today at 240 pounds and I'm shooting for 220 by mid November (my birthday).

I'm sorry for boring you guys and girls with my long drawn out story but maybe somebody will read it and gain something from it. I'm always here if you need advice and I will surely be asking you veterans for advice myself. Thank you all and good luck!!!!
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Well, I know I was inspired by your story!
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Great story. Thanks for the inspiration
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What!!?!?! Boring us with your story! You're joking right! LOL! Your story is hugely inspiring and motivating!! I especially needed to hear that you had slip ups and set backs....not that I wish for you to have difficulties...but it is a great reminder that we can have slip ups but still get back on track. You have a strong will to do what you've done!!!!

If you are persistent, you will reach your goal. If you are consistent, you will keep it.
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Default ..


I forgot to mention that after I got myself healthy I went on to work for the Sheriffs Department and now work State Law Enforcement at a Super Maximum Security in Virginia. Getting in shape and healthy can help you in more ways than one
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yeah i have been a problem of my back pain but i had gripped up to my pain quickly by using back support belts. .
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Consistency is the key towards attaining your goals, good luck
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i like your work ethics you didnt give up so you can reach your goal now you got it congrats
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