Pounds Don't Matter (?!)

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Default Pounds Don't Matter (?!)

I always roll my eyes when I'm told not to pay attention to the number on the scale. I'm a bookkeeper and thus a numbers nerd, so it's just what I do. However, these pictures are from weekend to last Memorial Day. There's only a 15lb difference between the pics, but that's 10.5 months of working out - Body Pump, Body Combat, and an ab class here and there. Maybe the "they say..." isn't so wrong afterall. I'm still 50 lbs away from my goal and have lost a net of 35 (40 down, 5 up) in the last 14 mos, but looking at this pic just fired up my motivation all over again. Well, after I got done sobbing with pride in myself.
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You are right to be proud of that accomplishment. 35 lbs is a lot!
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Default Congrats!

That is fantastic! I can't believe those pictures are just a 15lb difference. You look amazing. That is encouraging for me because I weigh daily and get sick of being a slave to the scale. Congrats - you deserve big kudos!
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Be proud and stay positive! Remember, muscles weighs more than fat. If you're working hard and following a sound nutrition plan, but the numbers on the scale don't seem to be moving, it's likely because you're gaining muscle while still losing fat. Keep it up!!
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Originally Posted by sapphire776
.... but that's 10.5 months of working out - Body Pump, Body Combat, and an ab class here and there.
I can't say enough about these Les Mills classes. I've been at Body Pump (twice a week) for the past month at my local Rec Center and there must be 25 people in class with me. Made my first Saturday morning class last week, and glad I did. It got my lazy butt out of bed.
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