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jenniferweightlose 01-30-2014 07:27 PM

trying to lose weight!
hi im 22 male and being trying to lose weight and have failed many times? it seem that its never gona happen! just wondering if there is anyone like me out there that's having the same problem and is seeking help?if there is anyone out there that is looking for are partner to lose weight i would like that opportunity so we kn motivate and help each other in achieving our weight goals........

NightRider07 03-13-2014 07:32 AM

Weight losing is not tough if you really want to lose it. the only one thing is to be determined to lose weight. There are many ways to lose weight but all requires one thing. Try to lose and Keep doing again again and again. Also Keep weighing with any type of scale.

HristoHristov 05-12-2014 02:52 PM

Here's a collection of fitness websites and blogs, may be help and motivate you :)

ACE Blogs
Loving FIT
Life Fitness
WOW Fitness

You Are Not Alone!

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