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  1. JetBlue airlines reservations
  2. This site sucks major
  3. Graph Pix Not Loading
  4. My Foods Are Not Loading
  5. Weight Graphs not displaying
  6. how to jump to a log from a much different date?
  7. Are ounces weight or volume?
  8. made a food log on the wrong day
  9. Database Issues? Missing activities and foods.
  10. mobile ap
  11. Online vs PC
  12. Premium - more nutrition options?
  13. Can't add new activity
  14. issues with % RDA graph
  15. My Weight Reports not showing actual weight
  16. What're all the sources used for nutrient info?
  17. Calculation Bug
  18. The site would make more money if you could actually make a purchase.
  19. Still feel exhausted after sleep
  20. Fitday Mobile for Android
  21. Changing password
  22. vit b5 pantothenic acid
  23. Custom Report
  24. "Can't post" or "there's no reply box" issues -- ANSWERS HERE
  25. GDPR compliance notice
  26. SOFTWARE UPDATE: New photo gallery, photo uploader, and mobile skin, May 11, 2018
  27. Open a 2.o file in 1.0
  28. Can I add Vitamins?
  29. How to check to see if I already bought the PC Version
  30. How can I change my goal?
  31. What do you get with Mobile Upgrade?
  32. Chuck
  33. Meal Plan
  34. Fitday App Upgrade on Mobile Not Working
  35. Sharing my info
  36. "Like" feature has been introduced
  37. Request:weighted walking exercise
  38. Download
  39. Created New Accounts - Data on PC not Syncing with Web
  40. Purchased Premium AND Fitday PC - Wont Sync
  41. Purchased 2.0 - See No Difference
  42. creating recipes
  43. Lifestyle and Logged. Please Help!
  44. Fitly Mobile App Issues
  45. Just feedback on Fitday2
  46. 2017
  47. paid upgrade not working!!!!
  48. updating weight goal past 12/31/16
  49. Calorie balance
  50. Missing Button for Baseline Weight Measure
  51. Let them track Folic Acid!
  52. Duplication on log sheet
  53. I paid for upgrade to premium and my code didn't work
  54. So sick of 'an error has occurred ' message
  55. Log In / Log Out (cookie?)
  56. Wont Upgrade but charged
  57. Reports for information older than 12 Months
  58. No RD after a week
  59. Great customer service
  60. FitDay Charges to my Credit Card
  61. You need to correct the listing for Chocolate.
  62. Muscle Gain
  63. FitDay
  64. Adding Brand-Name Foods
  65. Fitday PC Sync Issue Resolved
  66. Cant have a goal to add weight
  67. Can not Synch PC to Web
  68. introduction
  69. Lower calorie
  70. I need a refund.
  71. Upgrade to premium == Locked out
  72. To make it easier to add a new custom food
  73. Weekly report emails not being sent
  74. Custom Calorie intake
  75. Log in times out
  76. where is the water tracking log?
  77. Fitbit Tracker
  78. Missed days of recording
  79. "An error has occurred!"
  80. sync with other apps
  81. Something wrong with my premium account
  82. Call for improvements
  83. "Remember me" Checkbox not working
  84. a way to export data out weekly ?
  85. Tickers
  86. Premium Service Fail!
  87. Lifestyle bug possibility?
  88. Weight loss plateau-HELP!
  89. Android App Crashes when adding some Custom Foods
  90. Micronutrient units instead of % of daily
  91. FitBit Sync
  92. Inlog issues Android app
  93. Food details: how genuine is this?
  94. Food Journal Adds Foods in Strange Places
  95. Trouble with program
  96. Foods inaccurate suggestion
  97. Crashing on every device?
  98. Internal Server Error every login!!!!
  99. No Greek Yogurt on FitDay??
  100. i may be making a mistake, but the search function is AWFUL
  101. Can I add total calories
  102. Adding Food works better in the Classic version
  103. Weight Goal in kilos doesn't work in Fitday 2
  104. Anyone else getting an error message...
  105. Trying to enter 'cycling' as an activity...
  106. FitDay Premium account
  107. Unable to enter weight goal
  108. How to add foods to my log ? Bad experience
  109. Does Fitday learn my actual calorie burning?
  110. Question About Graph of Nutrition
  111. Help
  112. 2/24 Temporary Outages Possible Due To Update
  113. Ability to enter B5/Pantothenic Acid
  114. Stay Logged In
  115. Maximum food entires?
  116. "Ticker" not allowed in Sigs?
  117. Why Can't We Post Photos?
  118. Can I upgrade to Premium (Australia)
  119. There's a glitch!
  120. Various Issues With 2.0
  121. record body fat percentage
  122. how can I keep fitday from logging me out every hour or so?
  123. Lifestyle calories
  124. Weekly Progress Report
  125. what is the difference between net calories and budget calories?
  126. Fitday 2.0 completely down?
  127. Planned 1 Hour Downtime 8pm PT
  128. Daily Journal Question
  129. Premium keycode not activating my account
  130. Request an addition to Custom Foods
  131. Help!
  132. Slow food searches!!!!
  133. error message
  134. Fitday 2 needs a way to "add all selected"
  135. Are FITDAY and Myfitnesspal owned by the same company?
  136. Site running slow
  137. Question
  138. quinoa correction
  139. Can't find simple foods?
  140. I'm having trouble setting my calorie goals
  141. Suggestion: Add 18mo, 2yr, 3yr, 4yr to Weight Chart Report
  142. feature suggestion: customizable columns on food log screen
  143. editing some custom foods in Fitday 2.0 created in Fitday Classic gives error
  144. Dietitian Account "An error has occured."
  145. junk food listings
  146. Removing Custom foods
  147. Input food on wrong date
  148. vitamins
  149. Helpful add on
  150. How/ Where do I adjust my calorie intake?
  151. Suggestion - Nutrients under Total Nutrition
  152. Activities Log
  153. Prices of foods resisted as diet incentive, plus charity
  154. Error Occured
  155. Number on the calendar?
  156. app for iPhone crashed white screen
  157. password entry required
  158. Goal weight in diagram 100 kg extra.
  159. Sample nutrition charts available?
  160. Totals are not in synch with individual food information
  161. Adding Recent Foods to Today
  162. Question on reports
  163. Missing Graphs when using App vs. Classic
  164. 2 things: Net carb calculator and Water tracking
  165. How do I get a refund for Premium?
  166. Chrome login broken again
  167. FitDay 2 - Fitness Journal?
  168. NOT Calculating Vitamin A correctly
  169. 14.4g fat in hard cooked egg...
  170. BMI calculation seems out
  171. *attn. ADMIN*
  172. Access to Favorite Foods on Website
  173. Loopy website behavior
  174. Custom meals and recipes builder
  175. weight problem
  176. Broken Again
  177. Premium Account Status
  178. page keeps freezing up when entering foods
  179. delete custom food
  180. Problem with the weight goal report
  181. custom food
  182. What happened with the Macros Pie Chart?
  183. What is wrong with the site? Any help?
  184. Daily dietary target
  185. 1.6 Gig of Ram should be Enough for Anyone
  186. Custom Foods: multiple measurements
  187. 2.0 Calendar links bad
  188. Dietician ad?
  189. Script problems with IE9
  190. Getting kicked out when posting
  191. search for friends
  192. Planned calories
  193. An error occrred while syning your account
  194. Need to reinstall FitDay on my PC
  195. dev: test: session
  196. How do you delete membership??
  197. Fat calorie breakdown issue
  198. 12 Months Graph for Weight Change Not Working
  199. "Recent" Foods Clutter
  200. Beta doesn't work with IE 10
  201. Forum Thread Truncation Issue
  202. customizable fitness and activities needed
  203. FitDay - Iphone app is not allowing entering of food
  204. Premium Member-Still getting adverts!
  205. Activity Log
  206. Weekly Update links broken
  207. suggestion...
  208. Zinc issue, and no water field for custom foods
  209. Garmen
  210. Android App
  211. How to enter walking steps
  212. Can't figure out how to use site with all the ADS!
  213. Site is extremly buggy and keeps crashing
  214. How to update/upgrade PC version
  215. Difference in nutrition report table vs graph
  216. Updated Application Wasn't thought out!!
  217. Copying from one day to another
  218. iphone mobile app issue
  219. Bug found?
  220. Search function for forums
  221. Unable to save a a new food
  222. Deactivation
  223. Blog redirect question
  224. Save and View Custom Report?
  225. Breaking out fibre from carbohydrates
  226. Website being glitchy and slow
  227. Weekly Progress Email
  228. Standing Work Lifestyle
  229. Where is the sugar section?
  230. Journal
  231. Caffeine
  232. Calories Lifestyle?
  233. How to purchase Fitday Premium outside US/Canada?
  234. Extra clicks needed in new FitDay
  235. Problems with Custom Foods
  236. Sugar
  237. Script Errors and Hang Times - Fitday 2.0
  238. Confused on how many calories I should have a day?
  239. Fit Day Premium - still getting ads
  240. Software Key
  241. Why can I only select weight lifting as an activity instead of specific exercises?
  242. Frustrated with FitDay!
  243. Why aren't bell peppers listed?
  244. Windows Antivirus 2012 (is a virus itself!) in fitday
  245. Can't add my weight goal
  246. How About Adding Folic Acid
  247. Load time issue
  248. Lifestyle Choice Confusion
  249. How do I change calorie intake goal?
  250. Please add to Occupations!