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  1. Forgotten Password, Password problems
  2. Can't unsubscribe your email!
  3. Site doesn't load on today's date?
  4. Essential NEWS from FitDay.com (Updated Jan 21)
  5. Limit to Custom Foods?
  6. FitDayPC, no "Stats" section?
  7. The new log in page
  8. Fitday PC, NOT Happy
  9. Did I place myself right?
  10. fit app and program
  11. Anyone else having problems with their profile's time zone?
  12. Old program, new computer
  13. Fiber & Net Carbs
  14. Custom Foods: save from sum of checked items
  15. How to use FitDay for MAINTENANCE
  16. questions re: prescription meds. & Alli
  17. how many calories?
  18. problem with creating custom food
  19. Vito Moderated Thread >Saved: (old) Supporting Links, How To's, FAQs, & Newbie Q & A
  20. FAQ's/Newbie Q & A, How To's, Supporting Links & Tips
  21. COPY: FitDay Beta does not recognize time Zones.
  22. Pictures
  23. "Add checked" buttons at top and bottom
  24. How do you subscribe to a thread???
  25. Sunday - the last day of the week in calendar?
  26. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. Differences between FitDay, FitDay PC, and FitDay Premium
  28. Delete Custom Food
  29. Need help regarding making the right selection of chicken breast entry
  30. Keep getting logged out of "Discussions"
  31. A hint of the future?
  32. Calories Burned error
  33. Copy Calendar Items to another day
  34. Grass-fed beef?
  35. Tip: Is a reply worth your time? (Originally "Weight loss help please?")
  36. How about extending the "Last edited by" time?
  37. Avatars
  38. New and have questions....
  39. Why is the FitDay RDA for sodium set so low??
  40. Beta Request - Custom Foods
  41. Beta Feedback
  42. "Help -- I'm stuck in Beta/Dashboard!"
  43. HELP FILE: What are forum 'tags'?
  44. What is the difference between Daily Value and RDA?
  45. Feedback on the new FitDay
  46. suggestion v. 2: search engine
  47. Apparent micronutrient error in database food
  48. Please add "stressed" to mood.
  49. Windows Phone 7 App
  50. Create a New Food - How to share this with another user without both typing in?
  51. Display problem on mobile app
  52. Phone App suggestion.
  53. keeping a food log calendar
  54. Food Selection
  55. Quick Question???
  56. Thank you!
  57. Howdy! ...and a fiber question.
  58. Weight Goal Error on Website and more suggestions
  59. Please add to database
  60. blank rda
  61. newbie mistake-can this be fixed
  62. Tag request
  63. Need a delete entry warning
  64. New, got a couple questions
  65. Polls are not user friendly
  66. Hello-question about this site!
  67. Deleting an Entry?
  68. Unable to enter certain minerals
  69. This site is WAY TOO SLOW
  70. Cycling is not an option for activities?
  71. Limit to # of foods entered each day?
  72. Activity List vs Foods List
  73. How to add an activity
  74. how to understand how many calories to eat a day?
  75. Any possibility for better food database?
  76. Sync-ing
  77. Same weight for 3 weeks.. whats up??
  78. Site is getting hung up (Admin monitored)
  79. Thanks for the support
  80. Optimisation for Chrome
  81. "Custom Foods..." pulldown menu
  82. How can my friends see my journal entry
  83. Why so many scam ads?
  84. I'm a troll
  85. Needing to double-click threads
  86. Please add Boniato
  87. Internal Server Error - Reports
  88. Request: Net Carbohydrates in FitDay 2.0
  89. Suggestion: Time Zone?
  90. A nice little improvement?
  91. calories burned..
  92. Nutrition
  93. Fitday tools on My Lap-Band Journey
  94. Going back years
  95. "Calories from fat" discrepancy
  96. Today's outage
  97. Old posts/threads
  98. Adding signature?
  99. Calories not adding up correctly?
  100. Fitday
  101. Juicing?
  102. Custom Display or Report
  103. Overview - Known bug
  104. Trouble Accessing Recent Activities
  105. Whoa! New page?
  106. Is there any way to track GI symptoms?
  107. Suggestion: "LOCK" feature
  108. weight conversion
  109. non-dairy creamer
  110. Do-over?
  111. Confused about Activities
  112. Suggestion for "Show previous/next day"
  113. Changing my start date
  114. Tedious?!
  115. Missing custom foods
  116. Can FitDay PC be used off line ?
  117. Nutrition Info for Chain Stores????
  118. automated weight chart
  119. Adding Friends MIKE 01gt4.6 read this
  120. Question about FitDay Premium
  121. Enter past measurements?
  122. Site Keeps Crashing
  123. Ad issues
  124. Problems/Confusion with iPhone app (Admin monitored)
  125. Average Calories burned not averaging.
  126. friends and messages? i cant navigate this site! :confused:
  127. Site Suggestions
  128. Forum Questions
  129. Activity Calories and a couple more newbie ?'s
  130. New to fitday and calorie intake question
  131. baseline calories per day
  132. Custom Foods
  133. Basal Metabolism
  134. Bypass days
  135. Calorie Intake
  136. Food Database: How hard can it be?
  137. Fitday home page not displaying full login option
  138. overview tab not updating custom calories burned
  139. Calorie Balance Over Time
  140. UK resident and fitday desktop
  141. Is there a place to adjust my current time zone in?
  142. Admin or tech people-HelpI can't customize ground beef selections
  143. Weight Goal calorie blance not matching
  144. themes for FitDay PC
  145. Calorie Balance Accuracy?
  146. Hey guys, I'm new and have a question!
  147. Food Search
  148. Custom Daily Report/Logs...
  149. How much should I eat at meal times?
  150. unable to 'save changes' in free version
  151. Custom base metabolism
  152. Cancellation of FitDay Premium
  153. iPhone app EDITING
  154. Using Chrome can not sign on Fitday
  155. Finding answers to questions & Forum instructions
  156. planning ahead
  157. Printing Food Journal
  158. FitDay PC Synching Observation
  159. need a bit of help
  160. Tess
  161. ADD Export and Default Values.
  162. Hello everyone, quick Question
  163. syncing with PC?
  164. teaspoon measurements
  165. Calories burned - wait a minute!
  166. Update suggestion
  167. food history
  168. Weight Goal Issue
  169. cook food
  170. Weight Goal
  171. Are the daily nutrient counts correct?
  172. Daily logging
  173. Big problem: unable to set serving size when creating custom food
  174. Define a 'custom activity'?
  175. How to group foods?
  176. Can't upgrade to Fitday PC
  177. Stats does not add up
  178. HELP! Can't figure out the activities calculator
  179. Suggestion for Fit Day Improvement
  180. Quick Question
  181. Activities
  182. where to find?
  183. how to enter a pancake
  184. Under calorie limit at night
  185. p90x activity on fitday tracker
  186. Calories allowed plus calories burned
  187. Cookbook recipes without nutrition information
  188. Recording exercise times
  189. Blackberry App
  190. FitDay needs your help...
  191. Fitday PC or Premium questions
  192. What does "yields" mean?
  194. Fitday will be down for several minutes this afternoon -- PLANNED OUTAGE
  195. Deleting a day from the averages
  196. Can I change an entry to a different date?
  197. Food Search
  198. Attn Admins - Technical Trouble with Site - Very Slow
  199. Food Advertisement Inappropriate (Admin monitored)
  200. daily repeated activities
  201. Withings WiFi Scale Integration
  202. Calories Burned - Not reflecting change
  203. water consumption
  204. garmin tracker
  205. Avatars gone?
  206. only one question?
  207. reporting problem with iron
  208. wooo whoooo PM's are working
  209. tracking goal weight loss
  210. Problem with public journal
  211. A change?
  212. My original thread
  213. Fitday app not working on iPod touch
  214. New today - need help with settings!
  215. carbs into net carbs
  216. Requests
  217. How can I see if my daily calorie intake is high or low easily?
  218. Cant enter any times in "activities"..??
  219. Why does the Foods pie chart list "alcohol" when I have not had anything alcoholic?
  220. How do you all create your 'signiture' at the bottom of your posts?!!!
  221. question about tracking calories burned
  222. Sleeping
  223. Numbers don't add up
  224. Logging into forums, losing "new threads"
  225. Copy foods from one day to another
  226. How do you track Body Fat % ?
  227. The numbers don't add up
  228. how to post charts/graphs from food/activity log?
  229. innacurate calorie ratios, and nutrient density ratio
  230. HELP. Where to input Body Fat %....
  231. FitDay Premium
  232. My profile was set back by 2 years
  233. Calories Used Seems Incorrect
  234. automatic login
  235. Is there a way to track a custom item??
  236. Weight Goal Chart
  237. Weight Goal Progress Problem
  238. Carb counting
  239. Missing diet logs in 2010
  240. Is there any option to organize breakfast lunch dinner ?
  241. Can I go back and eliminatea "practice" day?
  242. Graphs vs. data points
  243. My app died
  244. Journal Entries
  245. 2 desires: fitday gadget and diabetic record
  246. Curious problem on overview...
  247. Create a new food
  248. Calories Burned in Activity Log
  249. Hi guys!
  250. Report showing nutritional value of foods eaten