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  1. Water !Water !Water !!!!!!!!
  2. Frankly guys, do you still believe in those scientific formulas and calculators?
  3. Searching for a Specific Weight Scale -Don't know where to post this topic
  4. Lost 10 lbs, then gained them back
  5. HELP, I've reached my MINI weight goal today, BUT!!!!!
  6. Great Start to Today!!!
  7. Fasted aerobic! my point of view
  8. How are you loosing 3-5lbs a week
  9. Cereal and Bananas
  10. Weighing food
  11. Suffering from Back Pain that Stopped Me from Working OUT, WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  12. Confusing Weigh In
  13. Really confused....
  14. Should you calculate sleep as an activity???
  15. Good weigh in today
  16. 30 Day No Fast Food Challenge
  17. Friday weigh in March 11
  18. Your weakness
  19. What women should never do (but often do) while trying to get in shape
  20. Speed up weight loss
  21. some lose 100 once some lose the same 10pds a hundred times
  22. What helps you?
  23. Jumping Rope
  24. Not Losing Weight Fast Enough
  25. Steroid Treatments & Weight Gain?!
  26. coconut Yogurt?
  27. Decreased calories required as weight decreases
  28. How I Lost 2 Stones in 12 Months
  29. Body Log
  30. Diet Advice
  31. Ask an (ex) 400+ Pound Guy Anything!
  32. How to curb hunger?
  33. Cut calories and fat, was losing weight...now hungry and gaining?!
  34. Zone Diet
  35. Weekends are tough!
  36. Need tips to lower body fat!!!
  37. Daily Calories... thoughts???
  38. When to eat Breakfast????
  39. Measurments
  40. What do i do?
  41. Vegetarian Basics and Benefits
  42. is my weight-loss goal realistic?
  43. Micheal thurmond's 6 week body make over?
  44. Tips on Reaching Goals
  45. Go Gluten Free
  46. what to do when your sick?
  47. Maintaining Focus, Motivation, and Drive
  48. Share your plateau stories / ask your plateau questions
  49. A Lesson from Kitty Litter
  50. Taking Responsibility and Being Accountable......
  51. Closers
  52. Cheating on the diet. How to stop?
  53. Weight loss Supplements?
  54. Night time munchies??
  55. Weight loss without inches lost
  56. Constipation, Calorie deficit & Exercise
  57. Forget the scale...it's about how you feel
  58. Full moon weight gain?
  59. Need Advice on Modivation
  60. why are the scales not moving??
  61. This morning's spam
  62. Wii Fit
  63. Nutrition weight gaining bars?
  64. easy tip for eating less
  65. Oh, that scale...
  66. Just not thirsty...
  67. To Snack or Not to Snack?
  68. Some good reading for a healthier you and me
  69. What do you do for a cold?
  70. April Fool's Day 10% Challenge - Check in
  71. Don't be a Yo Yo Like Me
  72. Where will YOU be on 01/01/12?
  73. After the Holidays
  74. Help I hate water!
  75. can you "over drink" water?
  76. Terrible Hunger
  77. Net Calories and eating back what you burn through exercise?
  78. Refridgerator Magnets
  79. More than 2 pounds?
  80. Diet advice.
  81. April Fool's Day 10% Body Weight Loss Challenge
  82. Give me tips for breaking plateau
  83. Need the Fit Day Community to Keep me on Track
  84. Ten tips for losing weight
  85. Activity Level
  86. 10 easy steps for weight loss newbies
  87. Truth Within Humor, One Man's Opinion
  88. Evaluation, so important!
  89. keeping calories down
  90. Exam/Paper writing time! NEED MUNCHIES!!!!!!
  91. The Official Unisex 100+ Pounds to Lose Thread
  92. Cravings! Ahhh!
  93. Need some advice
  94. Anyone else with 100+ to lose want to share?
  95. microwave magic
  96. Overweight kids
  97. Friday Weigh-In November 19
  98. How to calculate aerobics with weights
  99. How Quickly Will I Lose Inches
  100. Question for the Maintainers out there...
  101. found a good site.
  102. Eating more calories as your muscle mass increases? Help!
  103. Friday weigh-in November 12
  104. What are some healthier Alcohol options/suggestions
  105. Why monitor macros?
  106. Losing weight/gaining muscle. PLEASE HELP
  107. new member - yoyo dieter! Any students?
  108. Trust Yourself
  109. Hard time meeting calorie intake
  110. Friday weigh-ins
  111. What if?
  112. Family who loves food
  113. A new day!
  114. ever since I started this thing I much more motivated to loose weight!
  115. Looking for some Medi Weight Loss tips
  116. ADD calories, REMOVE calories...
  117. Weight Loss and Thyroid issues
  118. Hello everyone
  119. Fat Content
  120. Help with belly fat
  121. Calories!
  122. Newbie! Need some help with low carb and low cal food options
  123. Low Blood sugar?
  124. PEDOMETER and StepS!!
  125. I Feel like I am allowed too many calories / day
  126. Proteins, carbs, need to lose weight and I need help!
  127. Starvation Mode...Now what...Need to fix it
  128. Body Fat%, Not The Number On The Scale
  129. Make it a family thing!
  130. Carrying the extra weight
  131. Recovering from Eating Disorder
  132. Friday Weigh in
  133. New on here but old at trying to lose weight!
  134. New Here...Need Help Please!
  135. Alternative Uses for Food
  136. The Yoda Approach
  137. When more than Weight matters (my web based spreadsheet)
  138. March 2011, Monday weigh in
  139. broke atkins stall, lost 4 pounds
  140. Holiday Helpline
  141. **newbie
  142. Friday Weigh in
  143. Almost there!
  144. March 2011 week 2 weight in
  145. Need Strength and Energy
  146. Vinegar with the mother in it!
  147. Is my goal weight too low?
  148. Retail Therapy or maybe Mirror Mirror
  149. Exceptions
  150. Pgx??
  151. March 2011 weigh-in week 1: Let the fun begin!
  152. "The Gabriel Method" book
  153. It Been 10 day and no result!
  154. weight loss partner
  155. Friday weigh-ins
  156. workout routines?
  157. Collodial Silver or Jogging in a Jug
  158. Vitamin B12 for weight loss?
  159. My food measuring scales are my good friend
  160. Hmmmm... which is correct?
  161. estro detox supplements
  162. BodyBugg?
  163. Friday weigh-ins, new name but same gang
  164. Still feeling fat after losing 65 pounds :( need support
  165. What is correct?
  166. How do I know what my "lifestyle" is?
  167. How do I know what my "lifestyle" is?
  168. Plateau already??
  169. Diet pills anyone?
  170. Trying
  171. Diet Drinks are the Debil!
  172. Friday weigh-ins, new name but same gang
  173. Anyone else overeat in hot weather?
  174. I hate weekly weight fluctuations.
  175. carb quota
  176. Does anyone use oxy elite pro?
  177. under 1 day, over the next?
  178. Help with BMR and Calorie Intake Pls
  179. Mental Interference
  180. Friday weigh-ins, new name but same gang
  181. Protein/Fat again - can I ask a question
  182. Can you still loose weight with alcohol intake?
  183. Just for men?
  184. Head full of bad vibes!
  185. Ohio Workout Buddies
  186. Suggestions on any good accurate scales?
  187. Friday weigh-ins, new name but same gang
  188. Low Carbs
  189. I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to stick to my plan..
  190. Carbs, carbs and more carbs
  191. how many grams of protein do you eat per day?
  192. Any comments on diet frozen meals?
  193. I need to up the protein at Breakfast
  194. Fit Day goal question
  195. Not losing any weight - Help
  196. Clean Eating
  197. Die, Fatty, Die by Chris Shugart
  198. Yauncin's Weight Loss Tips
  199. Friday weigh-ins, new name but same gang
  200. What am I doing wrong?
  201. Weighing In ??
  202. Sticking with it
  203. Help! I ate too much yesterday!
  204. 107 Reasons to lose weight! (Male and Female)
  205. Monsterous Appetite
  206. Any other vegans out there?
  207. This water thing.......
  208. Take a look at my food log give opinions
  209. Facebook Group
  210. Friday weigh-ins, new name but same gang
  211. FitDay Cal Balance
  212. Help! I don't know what to eat
  213. Bodybuilding diets... any tips
  214. Question on weight loss speed
  215. Is it possible to lose fat w/o hunger?
  216. Question on Carbs
  217. Friday weigh-ins, new name but same gang
  218. College student wants an accountability partner!
  219. 3500 calories to a pound
  220. College student looking for weight loss partner
  221. Here is all that you need
  222. Calorie Question
  223. Will This Approach Work (Good or Bad)...
  224. Friday Weigh-In Gang (Archived 7/10-10/11)
  225. Hello New and have questions
  226. hypothyroidism and weight loss!
  227. What Should I do?
  228. Public Fitday Logs
  229. New Guy Here...
  230. Great new diet idea
  231. Help with everything
  232. Reality bites
  233. How the body reach' that plateau?
  234. new here
  235. End of week7 of 8 week Friday weigh ins through July 23
  236. New to the new lifestyle!!
  237. Advice
  238. OMG Boredom Eating
  239. weight loss competiton metrics
  240. Best Ratios
  241. Nite Shift needs help!
  242. What devices aided in your success (i.e. Body bugg, heart rate monitor, etc)
  243. raw food diet.
  244. End of week 6 of 8 week Friday weigh ins through July 23
  245. This sounds bad but...
  246. Dieting and steroids?
  247. What's Your goall Calorie Intake?
  248. strength training
  249. Rawr! So frustrated!
  250. Going to college and I don't want a freshman 15