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  1. Graphs not generating
  2. Where to download Fitday PC?
  3. App crashes when I try to enter data
  4. FitDay version Custom Foods List
  5. Feature request
  6. Where to download Fitday PC?
  7. Which browser do you use
  8. Can't Update to PC from free version
  9. Cannot reset starting weight
  10. How to find lost license
  11. Fitday Mobile Android
  12. Lost FitDay PC License Info
  13. Online vs. PC
  14. Older Fitday PC
  15. PTX Male Enhancement: Boost your Stamina, Buy Free Trial Now!
  16. PTX Male Enhancement: Boost your Stamina, Buy Free Trial Now!
  17. Sugar
  18. Green beans
  19. Help!!
  20. they are few and contain confusing
  21. www.optimalnutritions.com/megax-muscle
  22. With those awesome thoughts
  23. I have a premium account, no key
  24. Meal Seperation
  25. Hiit
  26. Calories lifestyle
  27. Food default units and meals?
  28. Fat % RDA
  29. When reformatting do I keep the the .fbk or .fdy
  30. Weight report displayed on calorie graph
  31. Always crashes when adding custom food
  32. File layout for .fdy ?
  33. Tracking "Alchohol"???
  34. Tracking Sugar Intake
  35. Newbee question.....
  36. Problems with nutritional info?
  37. Software SYNC Issues
  38. Glitch in Fitday
  39. Farewell Fitday
  40. Alphabetize Custom Foods
  41. justme
  42. Trouble with Sync fm fitday pc to online
  43. Does FD "learn" as weight changes?
  44. Activity Calories
  45. Merging old files
  46. extra alcohol calories
  47. Getting weight log data into spreadsheet
  48. Why doesn't the Dashboard work?
  49. Fiber for net carbs missing!!??
  50. Total calories off?
  51. Any plan for a windows phone app?
  52. How can I introduce and track my Body Fat % in fitday?
  53. Do you need administrator privileges to install Fitday PC on a PC?
  54. Is there a version of FitDay PC for Linux?
  55. Web downloads to pc not accurate!
  56. Mobile app for IPhone 5 - questions
  57. Daily Calories "left"
  58. Really Old Version
  59. Bought program no download. Help Fitday!!!!
  60. Lost Serial Number
  61. setting custom nutritional goals
  62. Posting Elliptical Exercise
  63. Where is the water intake & bodyfat percentage tracker
  64. Where is the 'Help' section
  65. What I found in Settings
  66. Another calories not adding up!
  67. Foods
  68. Registration Info!
  69. Copy From One Day to Other Days?
  70. Lost Fitday PC serial
  71. Net Carbs
  72. How do you totally erase a weight entry?
  73. Body-Fat Percentage
  74. cycling !!
  75. Tediousness of this site
  76. Adding an additional column in Food Log
  77. Fitness
  78. posting more than one food at a time
  79. Latest version of FitDay pc?
  80. PC crashed
  81. Grouping foods into Meals
  82. My dashboard
  83. Fitday PC vs. Web
  84. Where on forearm do I measure for "body" section?
  85. Sync Issue
  86. Opinions on Fitday Premium
  87. Macos based on net carb grams
  88. Problem with weight goal
  89. FitDay during pregnancy - need technical help
  90. cannot log daily food
  91. RDA % given for nutrients you can't enter...
  92. I want to GAIN weight.
  93. Custom Food Suggestion - Organization
  94. backup file is empty in windows 7
  95. dashboard shows how much I weigh
  96. Mobile app for Android?
  97. Old registration key!?
  98. Saving Recipes
  99. question on percentages
  100. net vs gross carbs
  101. How well has the FitDay PC Diet software program been proven to work?
  102. Love This Software
  103. Keeping an eye on cals consumed?
  104. Custom Foods carry over?
  105. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and FitDay PC
  106. Do I Have the Latest PC Version?
  107. Custom foods
  108. Multiple Computers - Not users
  109. Pop Ups and Flashing Ads
  110. Editing activity log
  111. nutrition reports vs. nutritional values
  112. Is Fitday capable of this?
  113. Re-downloading
  114. How do you
  115. does this work on windows 7
  116. FitDay PC and misleading advertising?
  117. Daily maximum macros
  118. Multiple Users?
  119. Fitday PC Changed My starting weight and starting date.
  120. calorie count?
  121. changing calorie count
  122. Burned Calories ?
  123. crashes
  124. Weight Goal
  125. iPhone FitDay display food list by meals?
  126. How add bottled water to food log?
  127. Fitday V1 to V2
  128. Mac os
  129. Is there an export feature in PC version yet?
  130. Differences between FitDay PC v1 vs. v2???
  131. Logs from years past?
  132. Recipe Function
  133. Unexpected error
  134. Fit Day Premium
  135. fitday pc - help! too small to read!
  136. Help...the calories burned and lifestyle cal confuse me?
  137. System Requirements for FitDay PC
  138. Login and Registration for FitDay Software
  139. Can Two Individuals Use FitDay PC?
  140. FitDay PC & Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar???
  141. Sudden Problem with Sync'ing from FitDayPC
  142. Should have read the "Sticky" before asking this question about contacting FD
  143. Read before posting a question about FitDay PC...
  144. Upgrade from version 1 to version 2?
  145. Syncing PC to online
  146. Questions about PC Version
  147. Basal Rate Values
  148. Data export in CSV
  149. Question about alcohol and FD PC?
  150. Track Blood Pressure with the FitDay PC
  151. Fitday calender problem
  152. FitDay PC and Premium
  153. Reinstalled Windows 7--need Fitday back
  154. Question about Profile Paage
  155. Change Beginning Weight?
  156. Trial version?
  157. installing Fitday PC on new computer
  158. FitDay for UK?
  159. FitDay PC and Linux
  160. Net carbs
  161. Auto calorie adjustment when weight changes
  162. Is it worth 'upgrading' to Premium or the PC version?
  163. Nutrition Tab-How is this table calculated?
  164. I hope Recipe/ingredient feature is improved
  165. Exporting fitday data into Google health
  166. Manually entering data
  167. Customize Calories Burned
  168. Getting Started
  169. Old Fitday PC
  170. How does FitDay calculate the RDAs?
  171. Have the CD disk but lost the installation key
  172. food weight: before or after cooking??
  173. Anyone here using FitDay Premiun
  174. Calories Burned Calculation + Exercise??
  175. Calories Burned Data Given Wrong
  176. How Do I Add "Friends"???
  177. Since I use FD Premium, why use PC version?
  178. "error while synchronizing your account" message coming up
  179. Carbs vs Fiber?
  180. Fitday and Vista?
  181. Adding today's food to tomorrow
  182. How do you enter foods that you don't know
  183. Lost My FitDay Program
  184. New to FitDay
  185. nutritional goal - water??
  186. Can I use calories-in feature "in reverse" ?
  187. Does FitdayPC work with Windows7?
  188. Does anyone use PREMIUM Fitday? Is it better?
  189. FIT DAY Food Log
  190. Calendar
  191. I can't get my PC and internet to sync.
  192. Fitday Premium / PC
  193. place for body fat or lean mass charting?
  194. how do i get my water intake to record in the nutrition tab?
  195. Am I missing something.
  196. Do you have to be online to use the PC version?
  197. How do I see my Calorie Balance on the Desktop FitDay?
  198. Tracking custom stats in PC like the online version?
  199. The software price seems to change...
  200. Bmi
  201. Lifestyle on activities
  202. Number of custom foods.
  203. Custom food without nutritional info
  204. Viewing Diary entries in Fitday PC
  205. downloading fitday data
  206. emailing food log to someone
  207. Search for 'beef'
  208. Looking for software question about PC
  209. Diary entries in Fitday PC
  210. How do I find my old posts?
  211. This might be an old Q - but... why no fiber count?
  212. FitDay goal weight won't go past Dec 31/10
  213. Can I delete a food in my custom list?
  214. Glucose/bloodsugar monitoring?
  215. Fitday Premium Online & P.C calorie restriction discrepancies
  216. Lifestyle time setting
  217. any way to embed day-to-day fitday logs onto a web forum?
  218. Custom Food w/ ingredients...unable to do
  219. Support in any FitDay paid services (Fitday PC or Premium web)?
  220. Since I bought the PC version A while back, Can I load it to another computer?
  221. How do I check net carbs on Fit Day PC?
  222. How can I plan all of my meals for the week in advance?
  223. Lifestyle ???
  224. FitDay desktop help feature?
  225. recurring activities in any version of fitday?
  226. Food Log Pc
  227. Tracking 2 users on one account?
  228. Food Timing
  229. When adding an Activity it shows 0 calories burned
  230. Incorrect Date on my fitday log
  231. syncing account
  232. About activities logged.
  233. Rda
  234. adding recipes
  235. start over
  236. Questions about FitdayPC
  237. merge accounts
  238. Anyone know how to sync favorites from the PC to online
  239. Download Data
  240. cooked vs. raw
  241. Meals ?
  242. Setting the time
  243. Sync Problems
  244. Windows 7 and Fitday 2.0 Software
  245. public API
  246. 'Lifestyle' calorie equation
  247. Food Log
  248. Weight Goal - Progress Tabs
  249. Actual Calories burned
  250. blood pressure tracking?