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SheWroteLove1 01-02-2013 10:11 PM

Prom Dress Goal!
So, my prom is on May 4, 2013 :3

My goal is to be able to fit into ANY prom dress style I'd like, because that has been a huge barrier for me in the past.
Soooo..........I'd like suggestions for prom dresses to motivate me :)

I'm 5'2, hoping to be about 115 pounds by prom. I prefer something shorter. Keep it classy, not trashy, and just a little bit nasty ;) Just kidding. But straps preferred, 'cause God blessed me with boobies :o

Thanks for being a part of my goal everyone :)

Spookycheeseofdoom 01-21-2013 05:06 AM

Who are your fashion icons? My favorite way to find special occasion clothing is to look at a lot of pictures of someone that I think is pretty, then try to figure out what the common elements are of that woman's style. Then I at least know what I'm shopping for, and it keeps me from getting too overwhelmed with all the options.

dyan.jacobs 02-22-2013 09:45 PM

Good Luck!

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