my hobby is....

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My hobby is cooking, I get unreal pleasure when I cook for myself or my relatives, I do not work in the field of cooking, I just like to be in my kitchen and cook, not long ago I bought myself Cuisinart GR-300WS - this is not just a home grill, but a combination of six different kitchen appliances; panini press, full grill, full pan, half grill, half grill and top melt, making it a great choice for the chef who wants the convenience of a variety of cooking options, and in my kitchen I'm a chef.
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Hey! My biggest hobby is painting, and traveling
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Hi! My main hobby is that I like to play computer video games. I really like to play, go through different quests, missions. I like the fact that I can easily and easily download any game from I don't have to spend any money or make any subscriptions. Sometimes I look forward to sitting down at my favorite computer after a hard day at work and immersing myself in my favorite thing.

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My hobby is video games. I often like to play different games, different shooters, rpg games, or some arcade games. It helps me relax, distract from worries and other problems. It helps me relax and forget even who I am and where I live. That's how much I love to play.

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My hobby is watching movies. During the pandemic it became even more important because I rarely leave home. So if I have free time, I enjoy watching a movie or my favorite TV series on

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Gym, reading books and playing computer games
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Workouts, Swimming, small tree planting
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