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01gt4.6 10-23-2011 08:45 PM

Am I the only one to use FitDay to...
tell how old something is? Hmmm "When did I make this meat loaf?" Then check to see when you logged it?

I do that quite often but just ate some gumbo and I didn't check my food log and I'm not quite sure if it was good. :(

VitoVino 10-23-2011 10:30 PM

LOL quite possibly! The food I make is either eaten within days or I freeze it.

But actually I have done what you're saying. I'll treat myself to some spaghetti and I'll open a jar of sauce, eat half the jar with it. Then I may just forget when I had the spaghetti because I intentionally avoid it for about 4-5 days while I make sure not to eat simple carbs like this. Sometimes I'll find the jar in the frig and not know when I've had it, and will check FD to find out when. :)

I hope your gumbo was OK, I'm sure it was if you downed it. If it wasn't it probably would have tasted weird enough that you wouldn't have eaten it. Our noses and taste buds are very sensitive to bad food and it's a good thing too.

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