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Fun tip for those endless phone trees: Cussing into the phone usually gets you a human being, and it's therapeutic I also can't stand the ones that make you talk, I feel like an idiot knowing I'm talking to nobody. Just let me push the button and save me the embarassment.

Grammar: its and it's... jeez just sound it out. If "it is" doesn't sound right don't use the friggin apostrophe.

Packaging that is obviously meant to be one serving, like a can of pop, listing 2 or more servings on the back.

Husbands who leave just enough TP on the roll so you can't see the cardboard, and who now leave 2 icecubes in the tray since being yelled at that if there's only 1 icecube left, fill it up. Or if the trash is full, empty it instead of putting the empty milk in front of it. Opening the new chips/bread/cookies before the old ones are empty...OK those are personal but still... He is a great guy really but 18 years with anyone is going to lead to some pet peeves.
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i can't believe this has not been said yet.

What peevs me off is how junk food is cheaper and easier to get than the good food we all need.
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All I can say is that just reading all of these is giving me something like a runner's high, and I haven't even had a second cup of coffee yet! I must be a real snit picker, because I can relate to every last one, and still add new ones to the list.

1. Driving: All of the above + getting behind a vehicle that is clearly not road worthy, going at a snail's pace, simultaneously throwing off debris so I end up having to make a damage claim on my insurance (which will force me to spend QT on the phone with "Bob" from Calcutta). Vehicles that have exhaust pipes spitting out black noxious fumes at just the right level so that my ventilation system can draw it all into the interior of my vehicle. For crying out loud why doesn't the exhaust vent come out the top so the stuff is away from the clean air intake of 99% of all the other vehicles on the road?

2. Dirty laundry trailed through the house.

3. Road salt. The hubs is NUTS for the stuff, sprinkles it all over the driveway and sidewalk EVERY chance he gets. Actually it's not the salt that makes me crazy, it's the feet that walk it into the house and dribble it all over the wood floors that I could live without. Okay it is both the salt and the feet that make me insane. And don't even get me started on the hay for the rabbit that lives on our front porch. Hay seems to be magnetic to a point. It's attracted to salty wet boots and then becomes non-magnetic the minute it hits hard wood floors and/or carpet. Come on people, take your freaking boots off on the front porch!!!!

4. Whining/tattling/fake crying. It's really more than a pet peeve to me, I have strong HATE feelings about any of those behaviors. In this house you get in bigger trouble for whining/tattling/fake crying than you do for a closed fist smack down (especially if you gave a closed fist smack down to someone that was whining/tattling/fake crying).

5. Disrespect.

6. Dishonesty.

7. Disloyalty

8. People that do not exercise their elective franchise and then have the nerve to bitch about the current state of affairs. If you do not make it to the polls, your bitching license is null and void, so sit down and SHUT UP. I'm also highly annoyed by people that bitch non-stop about the state of affairs, but won't even consider writing a letter to a political official, let alone running for election or speaking before a governing body about their problem. I'm not going to write your letter for you so complaining to me is not going to fix your problem, it's only going to give me a headache.

9. The annual gyn exam.

Wow, I must have PMS or something. Now I'm all worked up and pissy, this would probably be a good time for me to shut off the computer and get that workout started.

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Oooooooh, I need this today!

A lot of mine have to do with teaching college classes (other teachers, relate?)

1) Students who do not ask questions in class, do not respond to e-mails, and then the day before the exam e-mail me to say "I dont understand nething can we meet today after 6 i cant make it 2 ur office ours i need xtra help plz i cant fail i want 2 go 2 med school"

No, I can't make a special appointment for you today, and I can't go over all of the material. It is my responsibility to teach and it is YOUR responsibility to learn, not to wait until the last minute and put all your hopes on my charitable mood. The smiley face does not make us friends and doesn't make it all better. Also, I hope you're not my future doctor.

2) Bad teaching reviews because you failed my class. Once again: It is my responsibility to teach, and your responsibility to learn. Telling me that I suck and am unfair does nothing to help my teaching strategy, it just makes me frustrated and angry at you.

3) Students who show up to my classes in pajama pants, dirty sweatshirts, and UGG boots. I understand it's a 9:00am class and you had to roll out of your bunk to make it on time, but somehow, I managed to put a decent outfit together, and I have a 30 minute commute. It must be magic! By the way, your underwear is showing, and I find it disrespectful.

4) Attendance of the first class is mandatory and worth some credit. Somehow I don't believe that twenty-seven students magically had flat tires on the first day of class, but that's what my e-mails tell me. Really, you couldn't show up for some easy credit? I also find that disrespectful.

5) I know that you're not typing notes on your open laptop. Don't blame me when your "well-spent" time on Facebook means you don't understand today's lecture topic.

And, I think my biggest teaching pet-peeve:

6) Texting and/or taking cell phone calls in my class. I feel like that one cell phone commercial: "REALLY?!"

Other pet peeves:

Driving: ALL OF THE ABOVE. I think my hugest driving peeve, really, is when someone is coming up on a yellow light, accelerates to go through, but then at the last moment chickens out and slams on their brakes, making me have to brake much harder than I thought. Make up your mind, dude! You're a rebel or a safe driver, pick one!

Gum-snapping or twirling gum on the fingers. Ugh.

Someone whipping out a cell phone to take that "urgent" call when we're in the middle of a face-to-face conversation, or worse, a business meeting.

Not turning sprinklers off when it's just rained all day. Wasteful!

The dog barking and barking and barking and barking...

Also, the roll of toilet paper thing, with leaving just like two squares? HATE IT. Also, certain members of the male species spilling things and just leaving them there, looking at me like "you gonna get that, pudding?" Grrr!
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In my area, there are four grammar issues that drive me insane:
1. Using the wrong grammatical tense of a word. "His shirt was tore."
2. Improper use of the word "got". "He don't got any."
3. The use of the word "youse". "Thank youse for coming to my party." Although I heard it in Europe, not quite so charming here.
4. The Canadian "eh". "You didn't like your lunch, eh?"

Oh, and why am I the only one in the family who replaces the paper toweling, tp, Dixie Cups, paper plates, napkins, etc. I bet if I didn't replace a toilet paper roll, it would sit empty for months!


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Great topic!

Daily household peeves:

I do all the dishes at home--why, why, why can't anyone else (who doesn't do the dishes) be bothered to take five seconds and RINSE THEM before tossing them into the sink so they sit for the day and the food becomes permanently bonded to them?

Why can't ANYONE put an object BACK where they found it?

MUST every single light in the house be left on? We don't own stock in the power company!

And today's special peeve: why could the town (in which I pay taxes) NOT get around to plowing the sidewalks on my lunch time walking route? I had to walk most of the way in the messy street with cars and trucks spraying salty, muddy slush at me.

Ah, that feels better already!

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Aaaaaahhhh...people who talk to you on their cell phones WHILE THEY ARE IN THE BATHROOM...Aaaahhhh, ew, ew, ew!

The doctors at my internship would dictate while they were peeing. The transcriptionists had a fit!

Kids (and grownups) who can never find anything and always ask you where it is. HINT: sometimes in order to find something in a drawer, for instance, you have to lift up what is on the top to see what is underneath!
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hahaha....this is great! Just what I needed to get a good laugh in.

A few of mine:
Husband leaves the lid to the indoor trash can up. Really? It takes all but a sec to put it down!

My kids always feeling sick...when it's time to pick up the toy room.
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Originally Posted by alleysgurl
My kids always feeling sick...when it's time to pick up the toy room.
easy solution... throw away all they toys and tell them that they were infected. I bet that will straighten them up quickly.
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Ok, I do have a few pet peeves...

Driving... I drive A LOT! One word people... MOVE!!! The NJTP is where I make up time and the slow drivers not only cause back ups they cause accidents! Since when did the far right lane become the passing lane???

And litter bugs? Don't even get me started on the idiots that throw trash out of a moving car! And the even bigger jerks, stop throwing those lit cigs out of your window!!!

A what's up with those "Dayum girl" dudes?! Makes me want to hit something!

Irresponsible animal owners... I won't even start on this one...

When people expect you to be a mind reader. If you don't tell me then no, I didn't know what you meant!

When people say they are sick all the time, when they are not. Yeah, we all have allergies, are sore from working out, have a headache, etc.

People who complain about how "poor" they are but still go out to eat every week and buy a bunch of crap they don't need when they do their weekly walmart trip.

People who make fun of people for handicaps, deformities or just because they are "different looking". (not talking about the walmart creatures, talking about the ones that are made fun of for being "ugly")

I have more but starting to get mad thinking about the ones I didn't list and I would rather stay in a good mood so...
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