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RunbikeSki 01-23-2011 10:43 PM

Pillow talk
Not that kind! Geez, this is a family forum!

A question about pillows:

When we redecorated our bedroom last fall I decided it was time to toss out the old ratty foam pillows and replace them with some nice feather/down ones from the Company Store. I've bought lots of great linens from them over the years, but have been nothing but disappointed with these pillows.:confused:

I bought 2 styles. One intended for stomach sleepers - which is me, mostly. But when you put your head on it, it parts like the Red Sea in front of Moses. No padding or support at all. The other was intended more for back sleepers so it is a much fuller and supposedly a mix of down and other feathers. But it feels like it is made entirely from pin feathers which poke out and stab you in the cheek. Not exactly condusive to dozing.

So suggestions? Recommendations? I'm thinking of just going back to the foam pillows.

mecompco 01-23-2011 11:20 PM

I never much cared for feather pillows. I use two pillows now (used to use three), one firm foam and one soft foam. I guess its really personal preference.


almeeker 01-24-2011 08:07 PM

I had some pain-in-the-neck issues last year, believe me when I say this "I've tried them all". I can't sleep with down because I'm allergic to feathers, but I had a feather pillow when I was a teenager (this is how I know about the allergy). And I had the same issues with it you are having with yours. In order to get a down pillow that doesn't have pokey things popping out of it, you have to spend a fortune (and even still there is no guarantee). What I've found is that I quite like the "down alternative" pillows, and like Michael I have 2. One for stomach sleepers and one for back sleepers. The ones I like best of all those I've purchased in the last 18-24 months, have a foam core and then a down alternative fill around the core. Not too mushy, not the red sea, not too full, just right - like Baby Bear's bed. The funny part is I got one of them at Kmart, and the other at Wal-Mart.

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