What is your next travel destination?

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Default What is your next travel destination?

In my mid/late 20's Hawaii was my favorite travel destination (had a condo on Maui and traveled there a few times a year)

In my mid 30's - early 40's I lived in Europe I loved skiing in St-Anton, Austria and 3-Vallie, France in the Winter and hiking/mountain climbing in the Alps in the Summer. Italy (especially the Dolomites and Tuscany were incredible regular destinations.

Since relocating back to Montreal I've loved rediscovering Canada. The Charlevoix region is incredible and I and want to get back over to the Atlantic regions (Halifax, Sept Illes, etc)Lobster traps, Oysters and loads of other seafood. Yum! Putzing through little fishing villages and hiking along the coast. Nice!

The older I get the more I love the simpler things.
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True story. I also like travelling, I've already visited 10 or 12 countries and next month I'm going to visit Switzerland. That's my dream country. I've already found nice hotel with affordable prices and found info about area codes at in Switzerland just in case of unforeseen circumstances. I'm sure it will be great tip.

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Mine would be Paris,France...I have so many good memories of this great city and its people!
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I really want to the Maldives. I would rest and swim in azure water.)))
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Looking forward to visiting our relatives in Toronto. It will be my first time and I've been stressed recently so I'm excited to be in a new environment even for a while. My brother in law is also asking my insights regarding owning some property and so far this has given me more or less an idea. But really, I'm more excited to see the CN Tower, museums and the Canadian side of the Niagara.

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Visited Paris & Barcelona this past summer,first time for both places and had a blast. We just bought flights for next summer, going back to Paris and visiting Rome & London-woohoo!
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Maybe China or Macao
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Dubai, and then Costa Rica
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My next travel destination will be Italy probably, but I'm not sure
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I love traveling! But I prefer doing it alone to the places that require my attention and a certain degree of slowness. Art galleries, museums, or some cities full of historical objects. So, I choose Italy next - it's a great combination of everything I like for a lonely traveler. When you're alone it's easier to feel the right atmosphere and to dive into your thoughts about the things you see. However, traveling alone can be boring sometimes as you still need to be distracted from time to time, to refresh your thoughts. I usually deal with it by downloading a couple of music albums or compiling my own playlist (I download mp3 via this youtube mp3 converter so that I can listen to music anywhere) that I can listen to afterward and come back to the place I associate it with.

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