do you like 'em real or fake?

  • Your Christmas tree that is...
  • Fake, father in law was a fireman and I grew up in an apartment, so I've only had a real one once. It was too messy, and the dog drank the water. We have a big one that looks really real, and a table top fiberoptic one.
  • Real. I grew up out in the country, we always had a real tree, love them because every year the tree looks different, and the smell is to die for. However since being married and having kids, the in-laws gave us their old tree and since it's already here, it doesn't cost us anything and it saves time, we usually put that one up. I sort of hate it, but there you go.
  • I like both! Growing up we had a real in the LR that was themed and a fake in the rec room that the kids got to decorate.
  • Like real, have fake.

    Love the way the real ones look smaller outside, so by the time you bring it home, it's huge in your house...and the aroma...and the asymmetry...

    But, we can get an artificial one up much earlier, leave it up longer, and don't have to worry about it drying out when we travel over the holidays. And the cats don't climb it.
  • Quote: And the cats don't climb it.
    Lol, my cats like to sleep in my tree!
  • Quote: Lol, my cats like to sleep in my tree!

    Have you seen this? It's awesome!

    A Cats Christmas
  • The cat I had before this one lived 16 years. Never once did I catch her in the tree. But every year there were matted down areas full of gray fur. The fuzzy moron I have now leaves the tree alone, but will eat every bow and ribbon on the presents below.
  • Quote: Have you seen this? It's awesome!

    A Cats Christmas
    That was so cute!

    I foster dogs and cats and one year I didn't put any ornaments on my tree because I had too many kittens that thought it was their new toy!

    A friend rewrote the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" poem for how it probably was like at my house with all the animals! It was so funny and probably true!