Quote of the week **entry** w/e 12/5/10

  • This is how this is going to work, I will run this from Mon-Sun (I'll usually start it on a Sunday evening).

    Anything that a member says in a thread on FitDay forums that you think is worth recognition between tomorrow and Sunday, submit it to this thread.

    Copy and paste it as a quote and submit it. It can be anything funny, serious, stupid, whatever (as long as it's clean).

    Next Sunday I'll post up a voting thread for the quotes that were picked for this week.

    This is just an example and it's for the right week, so this isn't up for voting.

    Quote: This morning I was sitting in church and tried to cross my legs and it WORKED for the first time in a long time!

    As you can see, I edited out everything but what's showing, so please don't submit a paragraph and expect us to find the part that you like. There is a icon next to the users name, we can click that to see the actual thread.
  • Quote: The 4 lb loss is likely dehydration from the upchuckfest.
    I've never heard the term upchuckfest, it almost sounds fun and festive. lol
  • Quote: I salute your efforts thus far -- you certainly have a great deal of drive and motivation and I think that's more than half the battle!

    hey guys/girls feel free to post up your entries!
  • I'd like to submit the following quote from Canary52 on 12/4:

    "I hear there are actually some people who do not obssess over every morsel that goes into their mouths. They eat when they are hungry, stop when they are full and go on with their lives. That's the kind of person I am not but would love to be. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout."
  • Frosted sugar bomb breakfast cereal? Now made with whole grain and enriched with the very same vitamins that were removed during the massive processing required to make it palatable to your undernourished hyperactive kids!

    SailorDoom, from "Do you know what really ticks me off?" thread, I can't figure out how to quote into a different thread. The quote above was Canary52, not me. I had the post right before it.
  • Oops, sorry Lizzy and Canary! Fixed.
  • Quote:
    Too bad I didn't put up my Chanukah bush this year or I would have showed you my bush.