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01gt4.6 11-21-2010 01:08 AM

what is your most and least favorite part of your body?
keep it clean please.

For me, my most favorite part is a tough one, but I'd say my back. Least favorite is easy, my lower gut hands down takes it.

What about everyone else?

bobbienne 11-21-2010 01:32 AM

my kangaroo pouch (lower stomach from pregnancy)

01gt4.6 11-21-2010 01:35 AM

Originally Posted by bobbienne (Post 26124)
my kangaroo pouch (lower stomach from pregnancy)

what about favorite?

bobbienne 11-21-2010 01:39 AM

I honestly have to think about it...maybe my eyes...

tandoorichicken 11-21-2010 01:52 AM

Favorite part - probably traps or triceps. They're the only parts that seem to respond to exercise lol.

Least favorite - stubborn gut fat.

Lizzycritter 11-21-2010 02:05 AM

Least is easy-abs. Second least is chest, I blame both on kids. The chest doesn't bother me so much because a good bra does wonders ;)

Best would probably be legs, possibly the rearview. I like my eyes too, and my haircolor.

01gt4.6 11-21-2010 02:50 AM

eyes seem to be popular. I have poo brown eyes, I hate them... but not as much as my gut.

cjohnson728 11-21-2010 03:12 AM

I hate the little lower-ab pouch as well, but my upper abs are great and my tummy's pretty flat...took damn long enough ;).

Second answer is I don't like my inner thighs because I've got some saggy skin, but my quads rock.

Third answer is I have always had thick calves, which I hate, but my arms and shoulders are really showing that I've been putting in the time with the weights.

It's kinda cool to not hate everything about my body anymore...

almeeker 11-21-2010 12:24 PM

Worst, my "ain't got no mo elastic left from having children" stomach. As for favorite, it's a toss up. Before I started this my worst looking body part hands down was my upper arms, they were seriously hideous. Now they are one of my best parts, but probably not quite so pretty as my million dollar smile (mom swears that's what the orthodontist charged for that straitening job).

heritagehunter 11-22-2010 02:37 AM

My worst is my mid-section, both front and back.

My favorites are my knees (they look just like my Mom's), my nose, and my butt (it's firm).

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