what's with your username?

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Default no mystery

Mine is self explanatory........

I'm Jacked up, and I aint goin'back!
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My initials & birth year.
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My nic is Vito (acquired from my uncle) and I enjoy wine (and beer, and the occasional G &T, and... ).
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What a fun thread! It's neat to see where people get their nics from. The origin of my username is kinda sappy, but here goes. One Sunday I was at church when I was still pregnant with my daughter, and an adorable little girl (maybe 3-4yo) came up to me in the hall:

LG: You have a big tummy like my mommy. She's gonna have a baby. Are you gonna have a baby, too?
me: Yes, I am.
LG: [pausing, tilting her head and kind of looking at me like she's appraising my appearance] You're very pretty.
me: awww, tha...
LG: [cutting in]...but now you'll be mommy pretty.

My heart just about melted. "Mommy pretty"—I loved it! A few days later I was setting up a new IM account, and I thought I'd try "mommypretty" as my username; that was taken (go figure!) so I tried "mommiepretty" instead—it worked, and I've been mommiepretty ever since (8+ years now)
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Mine is simple as well..Meggie and Tye were our twin, red, cocker spaniels. We had not had litter mates before and their behavior, especially for the first 5 years, was facinating to us! I used to run the track before work, so I took them with me to get them tired out. I put them in the centre of the oval and they spent 40 min trying to get to me..never leaving the grass! Meg was the alpha. She tended to Tye, short for Tyewanhale a pub in Perrenporth, Cornwall in England, she took are of him for 10 years until he developed diabetes, cancer and bad arthritis, and died suddenly. Meg lived for 5 more years..still looking around the house for him...she would never sleep in their bed again from the day he passed. They were a grand couple!
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40+ years ago, showed up at this place for a 4-year stay as a Peace Corps volunteer.
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My name came about because the love of my life is Fred and my daughter his stepdaughter sense she was 3 has called him "my Freddie", and on the same child's first day of preschool a young boy in my daughter's class walked up to Fred who at the time was 27 and I was 21 and asked him if I was his daughter too, LOL. It was hilarious and when I said no I am his girlfriend he looked at fred with this big smile and said so she's your honey... It was adorable so now I mostly go by freddieshoney anywhere I have to have a scream name...
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I honestly don't remember. I think it was b/c I wanted to include my love of cats and the idea I am a Nana. Where the Swamp came from? It just popped out somehow.
Actually, I am a great-Nana!
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For me....It's because I am obsessed with Japanese culture & fashion & anime and what not? So, the first Japanese name that struck my mind as I sat registering myself on this site was Ritsuko.
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Default re

tough to find a nickname that wasnt used so i used the name of an avatar in world of warcraft- a pc game I play
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