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ladumyvuem 01-09-2014 07:45 AM

Warm fashion trends for the winter
With the below freezing temperatures hitting all over the nation, new fashion trends have emerged. Keeping warm is even more difficult in the areas where cold weather is uncommon, though even the cold areas are getting a bigger dose than normal. The cold winter storms wonít end for another few months, so you still have time to catch on with new clothes. So, what are the warm fashion trends you have seen this year as the weather gets colder and colder?

Stay warm at night

One of the warm fashion trends has been footy pajamas from Jumpin Jammerz. These pajamas cover your feet and almost all of your body. And on top of that, they are very fashionable coming in all sizes and personality types. If you are a nerd, go for the Star Wars options or pick a tuxedo style if trying to impress a lady. No matter what you like, you will find pajamas to keep you warm at night and looking good doing it.

Getting outside with warmth

Another fashion trend we are seeing is people wearing scarf wrapped around their mouth and glasses to cover the eyes. According to News Feed, this trend is common among commuters in big cities where more public transportation is used. If you are hoping to catch on to this trend, all you will need to do is grab the essentials. Start with the glasses. Any glasses that cover your eyes well will do, even if they are for skiing. Then, youíll want to put on your scarf. Wrap it so it covers your mouth, nose, and entire bottom half of your face. You will want one long enough to also cover your neck. Next, put on your warm hat and big coat. Start with the hat before the coat of they are separate. It may take you ten minutes to get out of it when at work, but at least it will keep you warm while getting there.

Stay warm at the office

One of the warm fashion trends we are seeing is at work, at least for women. Some offices just donít stay warm enough, so you have to dress for the worst. Girls are wearing fleece-lined leggings and oversized sweaters with their outfits. The nice part of the sweater is that you can take it off or put it on depending on how cold your area is, and it doesnít look unprofessional like having a blanket at your desk might.

All the latest warm fashion trends

If you are hoping to get in on the warm fashion trends this year, at the very least to avoid dealing with the winter cold, you can do so from the comfort of your home. All these clothing items can be purchased easily online and will give you everything you need to stay warm this winter. And if that doesnít work, maybe you can just go on a warm vacation!


Abner72 05-14-2014 06:31 AM

Thanks for the suggestion to keep myself warm in winter, the only thing i want in winter is to look trendy, the idea of the scarf is really good it makes me look trendy with these trendy accessories.

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