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Freshman30 12-01-2012 11:50 PM

Sugar in Real Fruit Juice?
My boyfriend and I eat a lot of of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains so recently we've been making sure that our fruit juice is only natural fruit juice not from concentrate. However we're getting worried about our sugar intake. Fruits tend to have a lot of natural sugar in them anyway, but fruit juices have added sugar (especially acidic ones like lemonade or orange juice). So I have two questions:

Are natural sugars that come from fruits okay? Or should we keep an eye on how much sugary fruits we eat like apples and bananas?

And can anybody help with some brands that might have less added sugar but aren't too expensive (we are college students, after all)?

I'm also open to suggestions of less sugary fruits. We both work in a grocery store so we don't mind shopping around!

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