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Notey 08-27-2012 08:39 PM

Vitamin A?
I stumbled across the discrepancy between Fitday's RDA and the DV's on the labels when I realized that my Vitamin A intake for just one item was 25% on the label but yet I only had 19% on Fitday.

I looked into the issue and found my answer on the FAQ's. Fitday adjusts the DV's based on age and sex. Sounds good so far.

However, when I calculated what they are using for an average DV for labels, I'm thinking that it isn't correct. When I counted up my Vitamin A for the day, I'm at 41% using DV and only 19% for Fitday based on 900 mcg's. That would mean they are using ~417 mcg's for 100% of DV for Vitamin A. When I looked that the DVs for Vitamin A, I'm not getting anything close to this.

I'm thinking that my % of RDA should be much higher than the 19% Fitday is showing. Is my thinking correct here? Is my math correct? If I am right, are there other vitamins and nutrients that aren't correct? Do I have too much time on my hands today?

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