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kirbydoug 12-14-2011 09:30 PM

Sodium Levels
In my recent log, I have been recording daily sodium levels of 5,000 mg or more. The recommended guideline is 1500 mg. I am eating clean and I am reaching the correct caloric intake I have worked out, as well as my correct distribution of carbs, protein, and fats. But how can I do this and reduce my sodium intake?

It seems mind boggling. Maybe I'm just suppose to rely on sweating as much as possible? It can't be healthy to be smashing this everyday of my life. In fact with what I've been eating all of my nutritional values are multiples of the recommended amount.

01gt4.6 12-14-2011 09:37 PM

I think Vito recently posted about this.


VitoVino 12-14-2011 11:14 PM

Why yes I did Mike. But it's on a difficult to find thread, in Feedback, so I'll repeat what I said here:

Let's start with the sodium. The FD online Na is ridiculously low. I asked about it, but never got a response.

I've seen Na maximums anywhere from 2300-2400 mg from sources, and I've checked many.. So I would believe the PC version on this, and basically ignore the online number, OR set your own custom nutrient goal for Na for online. 2023 is still pretty low, and this is the number (2k and below) established for those with high blood pressure. If you don't have that, you can go up to 2.4 grams or 2.5 grams safely. The weekly average is really what's important here, IMO, since it's very easy to have a "high salt day".

As far as Potassium, 4700 mg per day IS the established RDA for everyone, so I have no idea why the PC version would say 3715. But once again, I've checked numerous sources on this, and the minimum all suggest is 3500. So if I were you, I'd set your goal at 3500 minimum, and maximum can be above 4700 if you want. Some days I've gotten over 5 grams of K. If you are having difficulty achieving your K amount because you are concerned about calories (and who isn't?) this thread will be of help:

I'm glad this is coming up. This is an important topic.

Honestly, my opinion on getting 1500 mg of sodium per day is LOTS OF LUCK WITH THAT. I really don't see how it's doable. I've had days where I've eaten as clean as possible and I'm still taking in 1800 mg on those days. I don't believe it's possible to limit to 1500 mg. unless maybe you're eating clean, and eating like a clean "bird" (under 1200 calories perhaps). :)

So "don't sweat it" too much (pun intended). It's the ratio of sodium to potassium that's important. So if you're taking in 2400 of Na, but you're also getting close to 5K of K, you'll be fine. Just try to maintain a 1:2 ratio, Na:K.

Check out my Food Journal, kirbydoug, and you'll see examples of how I keep my sodium down to 2400 or less on a daily basis, for the majority of the time.

There's a lot of tricks in there about boosting potassium. I have been getting a MINIMUM of 4700 mg of K on a daily basis for months now. When I first started FitDay, it was inverted. I was getting 5K of Sodium per day, like you, and only about 2 K of Potassium per day. If you make the lifestyle change by examining what you're eating, then making necessary changes, you'll turn your numbers around without too much effort.

01gt4.6 12-14-2011 11:34 PM

Vito, that Kickin' Chicken seasoning is some good stuff!

VitoVino 12-14-2011 11:43 PM

Ain't that the truth! That's one of those "no compromise" sodium additions to my food. I only use 1 teaspoon per about 1.25 pounds of chicken breast, so it doesn't work out to be that much sodium anyway.

I've recently been trying to substitute "Braggs Seasoning" in my turkey burgers. That will help reduce the sodium as well. As you, and now everyone else can see, I eat A LOT of turkey burgers! :D

kirbydoug 12-15-2011 11:41 AM

Hey Vito,

Thank you for the response. I definitely did a search before posting. But as soon as I posted I had remembered somewhere about the potassium/sodium ratio. Too bad I am under in this nutrient.

Here is my public profile:
kirbydoug - free online diet and fitness journal

I ate like a bird yesterday, so I was under in sodium :). I appreciate the replys, kicken chicken spice is definitely one of my key ingredients, but other than chicken I don't really add additional spices.

VitoVino 12-15-2011 12:43 PM

Glad to be of help. Can we call you Kirby?:)

If you need any more suggestions we're here.

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