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leskats 11-22-2011 08:05 AM

Timing throughout the day for food/supplements?
Since becoming very interested in nutrition, even on molecular levels, I get a little overwhelmed with all the complexities that come with some of this knowledge!

Something I've been obsessing about for almost a year now is how I plan times of the day to eat things- in what combinations, what to avoid together, and when to take various vitamins and supplements. One that stands out now is not combining calcium and anything with lots of oxalates (such as coffee, and dark richly colored produce), as the oxalates can prevent some absorption (and in extreme cases, contribute to kidney stones!). I also try to include some amount of fat with any greens I eat, and make the last thing I eat in the day to be primarily a protein. Coffee seems to screw with my diet a lot too- I don't like to eat first thing in the morning, and it kills my appetite for few hours after, destroying any chance of the epitome of healthy eating- a good breakfast.

Does anyone else get a little OCD with when they eat certain things, and with or without certain things?

VitoVino 11-22-2011 02:41 PM

I think it's important to pay attention to the timing of supplements and also the combination of macronutrients during a meal.

I take both magnesium and calcium supplements every day. Mg because there's evidence that the RDA should be set higher, to 500 mg, plus it's a very important mineral and difficult to get even when eating clean. Calcium because I limit my dairy products. But taking Mg and Ca at the same time is bad, as Mg negatively affects the absorption of Ca.

So timing really is very important and I don't think it can be stressed enough.

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